An Earlier Disclosure Plan May Have Been Impacted by the Denver Shootings


An Earlier Disclosure Plan May Have Been Impacted by the Denver Shootings

Posted by Steve Beckow

Our special Cosmic Vision News coverage of part of the Olympics opening ceremonies was a brave or risky attempt – depending on your point of view – to catch Disclosure happening as it unfolded.

We (2012S) may choose to moderate that approach in future, given our history of having been disappointed so many times in our long wait for this historic event.

It may be better to respond to Disclosure after the fact instead of trying to catch it in real time.a

Prior to hearing that the Olympics was likely to be the occasion and place for the galactics revealing their presence around the Earth, numerous rumors were already circulating that the first half of August had been selected as the time of Disclosure.

Several people, who don’t wish to be named at this point, were told to expect a mass decloaking around the world soon, a scenario which may have been impacted and possibly shelved as a result of the Denver shootings. The shooting obliged President Obama to come to Denver for reasons which can’t be discussed at the moment and thus rearrange the schedule which Wanderer of the Skies was relating to in his last message about a galactic meeting. (1) Hugh-man was at the meeting with Wanderer and vouches for it having happened.  Other known lightworkers representing Earth were also there but wish to remain outside the public spotlight at the moment.

Every time key Earth players are obliged to respond to cabal-staged events, it forces a fresh round of meetings with top leaders that prevents, or risks preventing, the original schedule going ahead.

We lightworkers usually don’t know the full story so all we see is that a galactic spokesman made a prediction and it didn’t happen and saddle that spokesman with blame. We don’t see that an event like the shooting has caused the timing to be abandoned because of Earthly considerations of scheduling and coordination (not galactic considerations).

Please keep in mind that the plan I’m about to discuss may have been shelved as a result of the Denver shooting. This earlier plan came out of Wanderer’s meeting. He described a “presence in your skies.”  Other sources suggest that that presence would consist of a large number of small-sized spaceships in bright colors completely visible in the daytime sky, approaching various Earth locations and hovering for long enough to be undeniably seen.

The galactics had chosen colors to appear in that were light, playful and of terrestrial origin. They had planned to come in groups of three to six and hover simultaneously over many major cities and in remote areas – places where they’d be seen and recognized for what they were.

This was purportedly designed as a soft and gentle way to disclose their presence. Wanderer used the word “overwhelming” in his description of the decloaking. I’m sure he meant overwhelming in the sense of undeniable. The intent of the display was not to overwhelm in the sense of intimidate.  The expectation was that the galactics would be officially invited to land in a few days, after Earth’s population had gotten used to the idea of contact.

This plan had reportedly been approved by the G20 nations. If my understanding is correct, it may have been impacted by the mass shooting and a second plan chosen of using the focal point of the Olympics for Disclosure.

The cabal has been informed by representatives and by two crop circles that appeared on June 2 (Manton Drove, England) and on July 27 (Windmill, Hill) that the divine deadline beyond which the galactics will no longer feel obliged to take Earth’s governments into consideration is August 4, 2012.

I apologize for raising people’s hopes and then coming up empty-handed.  The snapback of disappointment can be severe and I realize that. We’re in the difficult situation of having to choose between taking a gamble and being there at the moment Disclosure happens or playing it safe to spare your nerves and reporting on it after it happens.

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