In the Dreaming of It, You are Creating It. – Michael Channeled by Ron Head

In the Dreaming of It, You are Creating It. – Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

This morning we shall talk about your similarities and differences. It would seem absurd to say that you are all exactly the same while no two of you are at all alike. Yet that is a true statement.

No two persons, nor indeed creations in any form, have experienced exactly the same things during their journeys through existence. And every experience has led you to draw conclusions about what you have perceived. No two persons perceiving an event or thing experience it the same. Every experience they have had in this lifetime, or any lifetime, colors what they see. Every conclusion they have ever drawn about similar things comes to bear. Every fear, every love, every pain, every comfort that has been experienced and related to similar circumstances will be compared instantly, consciously, or more likely unconsciously, to the situation, and instant conclusions will produce additional emotions and feelings.

As more and more of your being becomes conscious and aware, you may have more and more control of these things. They do, nevertheless continue to happen. We would say to you that this would describe a function and purpose of your existence. You are Creation experiencing itself.

So it becomes easy to see that no two of you are alike. Now let us discuss your nature as a living being. Everything which is common to you will probably reveal more of your true nature. Humans love their families and protect them from harm. Humans all have dreams and desires. Humans all want safety and comfort. We can make the list as long as you like. And we are sure that each of you, if so inclined, could produce examples which do not fit the mold….

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