The Dolphin Collective: The Dark Forces of the Earthly Illusion are at Their End 30/06/2012

The Dolphin Collective: The Dark Forces of the Earthly Illusion are at Their End 30/06/2012

Channeled by Méline Lafont

Lovely Ones,

We are the Dolphin Collective and we welcome you through this lovely channeler for we are always pleased to communicate with you. Today it has become quite obvious that immense changes have taken place amongst you. We have been notified from our different correspondents that the changes have now shifted gear, so to speak, on your Earthly timeline. These changes will stir lots of hope in you as you will finally be free, totally free! The Dolphin Collective as well as the emissaries of the whales are thrilled to be informed that the petty games of the Dark Lords have come to an end ; it is now just a matter of time before it will be broadcast publicly.

Never before have we seen the lonesome battle of the Dark been defeated as has now been the case. This really is exceptional to say the least : all is well that ends well. Of course, it is in accordance with the Divine Plan as the Light has always been stronger than the forces of the Dark. And in the end, only Love will be victorious and a beauty She is at that! LOVE! We can ease your heart as we affirm that such dark scenarios will never ever happen again. The Dark has now run its last course and will be fully eliminated so that only pure, useful energies of the Light will remain and take their rightful place amongst you.

You are sources of Love and Light, only presently occupying a physical, 3rd dimensional vehicle that is used to gain experiences in a 3rd dimensional world. The physical body was necessary in order to experience the 3rd Dimensional density to the fullest. After the time of Ascension, your physical vessel will have lost its usefulness and it will be transformed in the Higher Dimensions into a crystalline lightbody containing all your light energies and your expanded consciousness. All your gifts and all the initial functions will be fully reactivated and all memories of past and parallel worlds will return to you. This process of remembrance has already started for many of your Lightworkers even if that is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what you may expect in its totality.

We, the Dolphin Collective, communicate telepathically with one another ; this gift will also be bestowed again upon humanity. No more cell phones or other communication devices will be necessary as all the info that is gathered internally will be shared telepathically amongst you. You won’t need any outside sources anymore ; you won’t need confirmations ; it will all blossom forth from your heart-center as the heart is the place of all truth and all knowledge. It is in the heart and not in the brain ; the latter is merely an operating system for the physical body. Neither is it in your intelligence as has been proclaimed by your experts. You don’t have to pursue a higher education to be intelligent or to be wise. Quite the contrary : knowledge and experience come from the heart.

You are your own Master and your heart is your guide. In fact, everyone is a Master! And every Master has gained his own experiences and knowledge and that’s why we complement each other till we, all of us together, form again the one Source of All That Is. We split off of this Source in trillions of aspects, sent out to gather experiences/knowledge and then to complement each other and to reunite again to this original state of being. This process in itself is eternal and will continue to be repeated only this time “duality” will be out of the picture for good, that is, specifically for the souls who are now on the brink of Ascension. It is done, once and for always! Can you truly understand this, my lovely ones? Something you got used to for several thousands of your Earth years, to now let it go and never to associate with again? You have prepared for this a long time now and many of you are thrilled at this prospect but regretfully there are souls who find it difficult to let go of that duality which has allegedly supported them … even if it is far from loving and comforting.

Make a choice, chose well and pronounce it out loud. If you wish to get assistance in letting go of this last dualistic hold, speak your mind clearly and let there be no misunderstanding that you really want it done and over with. Your star family, your Ascended Masters, the Archangels and we, the Dolphin Collective, will be eager to assist you in this process of releasing all duality. Invoke us or invoke your star family of the Light and assistance will be promptly granted. It all depends on you, it all starts from within you ; you make your stand and you decide that you want to release the duality and you ask for assistance in this. That’s it in a nutshell. Please don’t wait for somebody else to do it for you ; that will amount to nothing at all. As we have said : it all starts from you. We are merely here to assist you not to take over. If you feel that this is the last obstacle to overcome, by all means work on it! Really soon, all that seemed to support you will tumble down effectively now that the dark ones live their last days and each passing day less and less of them remain. From an energetic point of view they have been removed a long time ago ; now the time has come that this will also manifest clearly for your eyes to behold on this Earth plane. Over and Out!

We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you for sharing this message. We love you!

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