Disruptions and Life


Disruptions and Life

By C K Rich

First, I would like to apologize for being behind on postings this past week-weekend, but sometimes life happens and get’s in the way. I was unexpectedly busy with some other matters which took my time away from home and posting online. For this I am sorry, as I strive to have posts out as quick as they come in!

I will spend the next couple-few days trying to catch up on posts. I may very well pick the most important messages/articles and post only those as to not get further behind. So please bare with me as I do this. I must mention that there may be a point on one day in the near future where I will also be behind for a day or so, but nothing like this, just a few hours delay.

Also due to the conflict with messages and channels, which have caused confusion and chaos in the Lightworker community and for those reading these messages….

I will be taking the effort to screen future messages/articles before posting them to this site. This does not mean that I am telling you as a reader, what to read and believe. I am simply using my discernment to keep the conflict and chaos to a minimum. I am sorry if this causes disruptions for you.

You can always find these missing messages on the channeler’s website (s).

We as Lightworkers should be working together for the good and better of all humanity, not to split it apart. This is all I will say on this subject as I am not picking sides, but nor do I want this kind of conflict here on this writers websites.

Again, please except my apology for being behind on postings.

Thank you:)


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