Between Dimensions ~ Activation of the Super Quantum Fields, Higher Self and the Lightbody

Between Dimensions ~ Activation of the Super Quantum Fields, Higher Self and the Lightbody

By Judith Kusel – May 29, 2012

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Dimensions are FREQUENCY BANDS, which all life vibrates on.

It is tube-like and with each link one goes up higher and higher on the evolutionary scale – yet with every 7th level, there is a pause – so that one has to gather momentum to step past that portal, and then straight into the 8th and 9th dimensions.

The higher the dimension, the higher the frequency band – so if one would be in the 3rd dimensional world and one would come into contact with someone from the 7th dimensional world, one would be able to see through them – literally, for their bodies spin at such high frequency, that they are invisible to the eyes of those who live in the 3rd dimensional world.

Sometimes, before a massive portal opens, or a dramatic shift occurs, one steps BETWEEN dimensions… So you would be like hovering between the 4th and the 5th dimension, and then wonder why you have certain aspects coming to the fore – there, but not quite there…. Like a long-distance runner, sees the end of race, but still has to gather his or her last reserve strength to make it over the finishing line.

The higher one steps up on the dimensional scale, the lighter one’s PHYSICAL body becomes…. What happens is that each cell is filled with high frequency waves or light, if you prefer, and the chakras (which are really energy wheels) spin faster. The faster they spin, the lighter you become. (One of the reasons why yogis have been able to levitate or fly). You are also able to teleport yourself quite easily – simply by dissembling your body light particles and then projecting yourself to wherever you wish to be.

A lot of us are in the BETWEEN dimensional state at the moment – and this includes the planet. Those who have awakened to some extent, are hovering between the 4th and 5th dimensional state, some between the 3rd and 4th, while others have stepped past all of these and are hovering between the 5th and 7th, and some even higher than this, between the 7th and 9th.

The higher states of consciousness go with the KNOWING of ATONENESS.  This means they step into the state where the I AM is empowered and where they lose their ego attachments to always be right, separate from, or in a dualistic state. It is not that dualism does not exist – it is simply that BALANCE has been found – the balance between the light and dark, negative/positive, and that then this balance is constantly retained. That mostly happens when the ego steps aside to allow the I AM to reconnect with AT-ONE-NESS. The 9th dimensional state is HARMONY and PEACE. Yet, to get to that, the 7th dimensional portal has to be stepped through; this is where the I AM which still has ego is then left behind….

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