Demanding Proof

The High Priestess reminds us to rely less on our senses and focus more on our intuition to guide us.

Demanding Proof

Channeled Through Greg Giles

There are many at this time who ask for proof, who demand proof in many instances, that what the GFL reports is truth. All are reminded just what these communications from our ascended families are intended for. They are not intended to supply anyone with proof of anything, if they were, the GFL could and would focus on offering this proof that some require. These messages have never focused on proof, as they are not intended for this purpose. These messages are updates to our collective mission, inspiration and motivation, and insights into who we are, why we are here, and what our choices are as we move forward into our future. This is what these messages are, and these messages deliver on this intention.

These messages are intended for those that resonate with them, those that feel and trust that they are genuine communications from our ascended families and that our higher dimensional teammates are a reliable source of information. These messages are not intended for everyone, as not everyone can or will benefit from them, as not everyone has reached the same level of understanding.

When one asks for proof, what one is asking is for someone else to go out into the world and discover the proof that is tailor-made to convince them of something and bring it back to them, effectively making up their mind for them. If one is always offered proof, one would never learn to figure things out for themselves, which is a large part of our curriculum here. Do you see how being handed proof does a being absolutely no good in the long run, in the greater picture, and why it is not part of our curriculum here? As well, no matter what amount of evidence is offered some, they will always refute it, as their mind has already been made up and no outside influence is going to change it until they are prepared to alter their perspective.

There are some at this time those searching the Internet for mainstream media reports of the hearing involving Timothy Geithner, a hearing that was carried out in the ‘High Court’ beyond our world legal systems. These individuals state they will believe this report when they see it reported on television or in print media, again allowing others to decide for them what is factual and what is not, and I cannot think of a less credible source for this or any information than mainstream media while it is yet under the influence of the cabal. The GFL has stated that they will, with our assistance, initiate the projects and programs designed to help advance our world to the standards of a Galactic society upon sufficient arrests of the members of the criminal cabal, and the GFL themselves are now reporting that these arrests are indeed transpiring. Is this not the important thing to keep in mind? Is this not the good news we have been waiting to hear, whether mainstream media chooses to begin coverage of this story or not?

The following is an excerpt from the GFL communication on February 10, 2012.
“We feel many of you are reading these words, but we also feel there are those of you who doubt, those of you who distrust the veracity of these words. We say to you to go with your instincts, as your intuition will better guide you through these challenging times. Many of you are demanding proof at this time, and it is solid proof that you will not receive, as there are many different amounts of proof that each of you requires, and there are also different amounts each individual requires depending on the subject matter and how much of the information is already at least familiar to this particular person. So you see how handing you proof on a silver platter is not a viable option? There will always be those who refuse to see, there can be no other way, as there are so many of you who have reached entirely different levels of your awakening. Try to remember this if you find yourself demanding or asking for proof as we move ahead together towards the many changes that must get underway.”

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