David Wilcock Update 2-4-13…”Super Bowl Blackout: An Alliance Strike Against the Cabal?”


David Wilcock Update 2-4-13…”Super Bowl Blackout: An Alliance Strike Against the Cabal?”

From Kauilapele’s (KP’s) Blog

This just came out early morning, and I noticed when I checked DivineCosmos.com. Personally, as I watched the Super Bowl itself, I did sense that the power outage was not “normal”. But really did not put any more thought to it. However, once I read this, I simply “knew” that David hit it right on (even though many of his points are via “this very likely could be” statements; check your own Higher Discernment on all this).

About the Super Bowl halftime show, I did not view it live. But I did view a video of it, and I’ve posted a HD YouTube of that, below, if you want to watch it. Certainly I saw very little, if any, “Traditional Illuminati Type” symbols. Actually, I saw nothing “Illuminati-ish” (compare that to the 2012 Super Bowl; Illuminati from start to finish… also see David’s article about that).


There was another point here. In that halftime show video, I saw only females. Yes, they were very, very, “sexy looking to the standard eye” females, but I definitely recall seeing only females. And there was no profanity, no profane gestures (even though some think (video) the two-handed triangle was Illuminati symbol; but this triangle also can represent the “Recovery, Unity, Service” triangle within a circle of AA and other recovery programs), and they were all female.

Could not that represent that the male dominated cabal types (and all of us) were being given a message that the Divine Feminine was being celebrated here?

As usual, I’ll post only a bit of the article, which will change daily, and leave the rest for viewing on his web page.


Super Bowl Blackout: An Alliance Strike Against the Cabal?
by David Wilcock, February 4, 2013, 3:00 am

Directly after Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show ended, the power shut down for 34 minutes — for a mysterious, unknown reason that is being called an “abnormality in the power system.”

This may have been a counter-strike against the Cabal, and its media control, by the Alliance — striking them in their wallet, and showing that their time is up.

[UPDATED, Next Morning: Obama’s Assassination Reference on December 31st. German media video reveals Federal Reserve gave them fake gold in 2010.

Also, Beyonce accused of being Illuminati — by mainstream media! Then we added interesting new text from Fulford’s update this afternoon, Feb. 5th.

DON’T MISS: Several MAJOR new updates, just this Monday morning, to our Disclosure piece as well! Amazing things are happening.]



The Super Bowl is the most-watched media event on the planet — and the most highly prized in terms of its advertising dollars.

Last year’s Super Bowl had 111.3 million viewers — and 262.5 million dollars was spent on advertising.

30-second advertising spots on this year’s Super Bowl were selling for as much as 4 million dollars.

Given how much money is at stake, it doesn’t seem possible that the lights went out in the stadium for a whopping 34 minutes — but that’s what happened.

You would think that the backup systems would have backup systems. No one wants to lose power in such a profitable media circus.

34 minutes of blackout, directly after the all-important half-time show, is unprecedented. Many people tune in just to watch that show.

Think about how many viewers must have lost interest and clicked away — and the bloodletting this caused for the advertisers paying $133,333 per second.

Was this truly just an accident, or was this a deliberate move by the Alliance against the Cabal?

Read more at David’s site…

Article Link:   http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/david-wilcock-update-2-4-13-super-bowl-blackout-an-alliance-strike-against-the-cabal/



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