David Wilcock Update 2-28-13…”Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo-Synchronicity?”

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David Wilcock Update 2-28-13…”Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo-Synchronicity?”

From Kauilapele’s Blog Posted on 2013/03/02

This article came out a week ago. Some may also wish to read this prior blog post I put up here about this event (Lightning Has Struck the Vatican… and Why this Happened).


Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo-Synchronicity?
by David Wilcock, February 28, 2013, 4:44 pm

On the same day Pope Benedict resigned, lightning struck the Vatican. This was a powerful geo-synchronicity event — easy to understand, and with profound implications — once you see it in context.


Although the changes still seem to be moving at glacially-slow speeds, we are continuing to see signs of very positive developments.
This doesn’t surprise me — as we live in a conscious, living universe. The Source Field Investigations [paperback version] is where I made my case.
I am working non-stop to finish the first draft of the sequel right now — but I had to stop for a minute to report on these incredible developments.
Human life is not an anomaly reserved to one planet. The universe is literally teeming with life — everywhere and anywhere it can grow.
Once this becomes known and accepted on a widespread level, it is arguably going to be the biggest shift in perspective in our own recorded history.
DNA is written into the laws of quantum mechanics. There is enough scientific proof that this has now become an indisputable fact.


I first became aware of this concept of energetic DNA-forming waves when I found the Law of One material in 1996 — and it utterly changed my life.
Now that I am cranking on my new book deadline, and very close to the finish line, I am highly immersed in the Law of One material again — and it feels great.
The Law of One philosophy lets us know that all is well. The things that are happening on earth are part of a grand illusion that is intended to help us all grow into more loving and honorable people.
The signs continue to get more and more interesting, and provocative, telling us big stuff is coming soon.
Recently we had another geo-synchronicity — a manifestation of synchronicity on a worldwide scale. This one was a lot bigger than the Super Bowl blackout.
It seems appropriate that this article happens to be the 1,111th piece of content we’ve posted to Divine Cosmos — if you look at the link.


Lightning struck the Vatican on the same day that Pope Benedict spontaneously resigned.
Considering how decrepit Pope John Paul II looked in the final years of his life, no one believed this was actually due to health reasons. And then lightning struck.
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