Communiqué from our Commanders ~ Galactic Federation of Light 8/27/12


Communiqué from our Commanders ~ Galactic Federation of Light 8/27/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

Clearing the way for the initiation of the projects and programs we have spoken to you about is the necessity for you and your people to rid your societies of those that are controlling you, manipulating you, threatening you, those who work tirelessly to block you from achieving new goals and experiencing what it is wish for yourselves here in your world. We cannot, as we have said, come down to your surface world and land and begin to work with your people in the construction of new systems until a suitable time when we feel the cabal and their large web of negative influence has been adequately shattered, at least to some degree.

We are not requiring you to incarcerate and hold for trial every single member of the cabal, their associates and their minions. This would be too much to ask, and what we are asking is certainly not too much. Let us be clear about what it is we do require of you, the people of Earth, and those who we refer to as our Earth allies. We require of you to make suitable advancements into the infrastructure of what we shall refer to as a web of deception, of corruption, of negative influence of a criminal empire that stretches like a large spider web all across your planet and into even small corners and crevices of small countries and regions. We feel it would not be prudent for our organization to come down to your surface world while these wrongdoers, these criminals run free to reign over the control of so many parts of your world and systems of your world.

It is in exceedingly difficult for us or anyone to begin to deconstruct and reconstruct, and in some cases, create entirely new systems while there are individuals planning and scheming for the immediate demise of the systems that we intend to create. We feel you can certainly understand our position here. We are asking of you to adequately destroy some of this web that stretches all across the face of your planet. By this we mean we would like to see their web of communications struck down, their chain of command infiltrated, and as many of their key members as is possible incarcerated for their crimes that they have already committed.

We are not waiting for them to commit new crimes as this is unnecessary, as there exists already a mountain of evidence, more than is required for their arrests, incarcerations and convictions. This we are very confident about. We have great legal teams that have combed through every page of the documentation pertaining to the crimes of these individuals including conspiracies that, if allowed to reach fruition, would have seen to the complete demise and destruction of the human race. Is this not enough dear ones, for you to act upon these arrest warrants and take these individuals into custody? What is it you are waiting for them to do? Are you waiting for them to succeed in their diabolical plans to destroy your societies and much of your physical planet as well, because this is what their intentions are, this is what they are planning, this is their agenda.

Their agenda is to completely obliterate your societal systems while anointing themselves rulers over these fallen societies, unelected, unqualified and unworthy rulers. They do not wish for elections, even though many of them are rigged by their own hands. They do not wish to campaign, they do not wish to perpetuate their agenda of lies, deceit, propaganda, trickery, mind control and influence. They simply wish to call themselves kings and queens and high priests of your world and move into any palace or castle that they wish and rule over you and your people just like the kings and queens of your past and even those today who still reside in these palatial estates while so many of your people go hungry and homeless. These individuals do not care about these souls; they care not for common decency and good or for the welfare of the people of your world. They only care about themselves. They only know greed, lust for power and control, and sexual deviation and gratification.

They know no bounds. Their conscience does not function like yours. Do not try to compare them to you; this would be like comparing apples to oranges, as you say, for there is no comparison to be made here. They are an abomination of your world. They are not a part of it, they should never have been permitted to be a part of it, and now it is time they are removed from your society. This is the decree of your Creator, the Creator of all that is. Is this not enough for your ears to hear? Your Creator, the One, the All that you refer to as God, He Himself has commanded that these shadowy figures be removed from your world and taken someplace else, someplace else where they rightfully belong and have always belonged and nowhere else, especially here in what can be an absolutely gorgeous and perfect place for higher dimensional beings to enjoy their Creator given existence and journey through His magnificent creation of this universe.

This is all we wish to speak to you about today, for there is no other subject really that compares. All others must pale in the light of this one subject as it is so incredibly important for you, the people of Earth. Those of you who have the ability and the training and the leadership to pick up your arms, if this is what is necessary, do so, and walk up to the residences where these individuals of the cabal reside, scheme and plan for the destruction of your people and your world and kick in their front door. We cannot do this for you and we will not do this for you. This has also been the decree of your Creator. Your Creator decreed that it is you, the people of Earth, who must awaken yourselves and must take action to free yourselves, not through words and rhetoric and speeches and campaigns and petitions, but through action, from deed. He commanded that it is time for you, the people of Earth, to awaken and take matters into your own hands, for once not leaving this bundle on someone else’s doorstep.

Do we make ourselves clear here, that we will not accept your child on our doorstep, that we will not do your dirty work for you? This is not why we are here and this is what we will not do. We will assist you in every way that we can as we have been assisting you in every way that we can. We have incredibly advanced technologies and methods of surveillance and intelligence gathering and we will do all that we can to furnish you with all the intelligence information that you require to complete, at least to some degree, these arrests of the members and associates of what we refer to as your criminal cabal.

There are many different groups, organizations and names that these criminals have given themselves and the cabal is simply a nickname, a moniker we use to more easily identify them when we are referring to them. You may refer to them as the Illuminati, as this would be very accurate to say, though many of those criminals we refer to as members of the cabal are not official members of the Illuminati, let us be clear about this. There are members of your Freemasonic organizations, your Knights Templar organization, Knights of the Rosicrucian Orders, all these fancy names they give themselves, but really when it all boils down there is just one name for these wayward souls and that is criminals. They are criminals because they belong to a criminal organization, a criminal empire, whether they realize it or not.

There are low ranking members of these organizations, let us be clear about this, that may not even recognize or understand that they are lowly members of a criminal organization. They may not have been called up for any criminal service, yet anyway, but this is why they have been recruited. They were not recruited into these organizations for their looks, their charm, their expertise or their love and compassion for their fellow brothers and sisters. They were called into these organizations to do the dirty work of those above them in the grand pyramid of each organization. That is all. They are minions, they are pawns, and each and every one of them who has also committed crimes in the name of their organization or their higher- ups in the pyramidal stack we say your time will also come. You will also be incarcerated and held for trial, and with the mound of evidence that we will assist to provide, you will be convicted and you will be sentenced and you will not be happy about it. This we promise you; this will be done.

It is only a matter of time and it is time that we do not have the luxury of sparing any longer. It is now the time, tomorrow is not, that these arrests are kicked into high gear. We cannot wait around here for long. So many of your world feel you are waiting on us, and we wish to make this as absolutely clear and state this as loudly and boldly as we can; you are not waiting on us, we are and have been for a very long time waiting on you to clear the garbage from your streets who are the cabal and their associates, for us to begin the projects that we have spoken of. We have made ourselves clear here. Are there any words that we have just spoken that you do not understand, for we too tire of waiting just as many of you tire of waiting and we need to get underway immediately as there is hardly any time left to complete these very important projects that will see to the safety, well-being and prosperity and end so much suffering and hardship for your people. Is this not enough, dear ones?

We ask you again; please do whatever it is you have to do and mount a charge and take into custody these important and key figures in these shadowy organizations. We await your response, and by response we do not mean more words and more promises and more requests for intelligence. We await your response in the fields in the name of the arrests of as many of these criminals as is humanly possible.

Thank you for your time today, our dear brothers and sisters, and if our tone today was rather harsh and perhaps stern, please understand that there is a time and a place for loving, beautiful and picturesque expressions of your wonderful and bright futures, and there is a time for our Commanders, our higher- ups, if you will, to have their say with you and our Commanders are not the poets, are not the sages of beautiful and poetic limerick, speech and expression. They are Commanders, Generals. They are the leaders of great fleets of starships, many that have led the charge into battle to remove negative beings who have done harm to other souls in this universe.

This is who has given you this message today. It is not the usual group of higher dimensional beings who have shared with you their kind and gentle, loving and poetic expressions throughout the past. Today’s message was issued to you by our brass, if you will, and they are playing no games here. They are very professional, they are very competent in what they do and they take their jobs very seriously, and what they wish to see immediately are those of your people who work on the front lines, who are armed to the teeth, who have the capabilities, the technology, the leadership and the opportunity do what it is they have to do to free the people of your world. It is what we, the Galactic Federation of Light, would do if it were our people who were prisoners. We would ‘take no prisoners’ in the freeing of our people if this is what was required for this mission. We love you and we care so much about you. You are our brothers and sisters and we want you free just as much as you want yourselves free, and we say to you this day for your freedom has come, there are no more tomorrows. Today is the day.

We sign off for now, until tomorrow, we are your brothers and sisters, your comrades in arms, fighting for your freedom. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


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