The Collective Imagination – 19/20 Feb 2013 – OPPT


The Collective Imagination – 19/20 Feb 2013 – OPPT

C K Rich:  This show gives a lot of understanding to the The Collective Imagination, OPPT and the documents that have been coming out, especially the last document that can be found at  and

Get your thoughts clear so you can try to totally understand what Heather is saying during this radio show. If you are newly awakened, take your time and go over this information a couple – few times until you get a better grasp of what is being said. Thanks KP for the help in supplying the links:)

Also I cannot say that I agree with what Heather is saying about St Germain. Use your own discernment.

The Link to the Radio Show :–1920-feb-2013?ie8c=0

Links to articles with the document they are speaking about.

And here’s a link to the document itself on Scribd…

Again the Show Link:–1920-feb-2013?ie8c=0



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