COBRA ~ Report about the Taiwan Conference


COBRA ~ Report about the Taiwan Conference


Taiwan conference was a great success. We have managed to strengthen the Taiwan vortex significantly and that is very important because Taiwan is in the geometric center of the most densely populated part of the surface of this planet:




Therefore, through that vortex massive changes will be triggered when the time is right. The vortex has received one of the strongest infusions of Goddess energy until now and this will help stabilizing the situation significantly.
Also, Taiwan is one of the main seats of the Dragon families. Unfortunately, my contacts with the Dragons have revealed that the families are not united and there is quite a great deal of infiltration and also a great need for spiritual guidance. The Blue and the Azure will provide that. 
During the next ten days I will be traveling through remote areas with virtually no internet connection. During that time frame, the Event will NOT happen.
Victory of the Light is near!

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