When a Channel Offends You….


When a Channel Offends You….

Posted by Steve Beckow

I’m receiving numerous requests asking if I intend to answer things that Greg Giles is saying about containment, Mitt Romney, Ascension, etc.

No, I don’t. One column is enough. If what Greg is saying offends you or sounds unacceptable, the answer is the same as with any channel you have a reaction to: just stop reading them.

We live in a democracy and Ascension will only make society several orders of magnitude more democratic. Even in 3D, everyone has the right to freedom of speech, providing they don’t advocate harm to another. The remedy for opposition to something someone says is not to give them your attention.

Archangel Michael does offer guidance on channels when asked, but usually he does that only for personal guidance. He would never in public be disrespectful to a channel so, even though I know what he’s said in this case, it isn’t my place to share it publicly. Discernment is all that’s required.

Article Link:   http://the2012scenario.com/2012/09/when-a-channel-offends-you/


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