To change the nightmare into a pleasant and harmonious dream


To change the nightmare into a pleasant and harmonious dream

August 26, 2012 by John Smallman

When you awaken, as you inevitably will, all that has ever puzzled you will be revealed — not who committed crimes, cheated on others, betrayed others, or what will replace oil or money, because when you awaken those sorts of puzzlements will no longer hold any interest for you: they will be irrelevant.  And you will recognize once again your true nature as beings of immense beauty, power, and love — in need of nothing.

Your true nature has never changed, has never been in doubt.  You have just been so distracted by the glamor of the illusion that you have forgotten who you are.  In that forgetfulness you sank into fear — like the little child that wakes from a nightmare, convinced there are monsters under his bed waiting to tear him limb from limb – and as a consequence you conducted your life as though fear were real, attempting continuously to protect yourself from all the ills and catastrophes you believe could and might befall you at any moment.

Yes, illness and suffering and catastrophes frequently occur in the illusion, causing you pain.  And that is because collectively you have chosen to build it, maintain it, and believe in it.  That belief is becoming harder and harder for you to sustain, and many have realized that the environment you are experiencing can be changed — if you choose to put your minds to it as many are now doing.  You are seeing the results worldwide as citizens everywhere exercise their power and demand honesty, transparency, and cooperation from their governments, and take the necessary legal steps to remove them if they refuse to respond appropriately.

Humanity is a loving expression of the divine, momentarily seemingly divided against itself, which has now realized this and is working intensely and determinedly to bridge that insane divide — because it makes no sense! . . and it is unreal.  And so it will return to union — its true state — bringing divine harmony to all relationships.

“Divide and conquer” has for eons been the practice of those who would control you, although “divide and destroy” is a more accurate statement of that philosophy in action, which is of course utter insanity because you are one! Self-destruction has been the path so many have followed for so long that it seems to be normal, reasonable, and without any possible alternative: the enemy must be destroyed! . . . yet the enemy is the self!

Over the last few decades more and more people have been coming to this realization, as your technical abilities have continued to develop far faster than your wisdom, and the results of these old ways led to an exponential increase in pain, suffering, and collateral destruction of the environment that supports your physical existence.  Consequently, enormous changes in the way you respond to and treat one another are rapidly replacing those old annihilative and corrosive ones.

Following the reporting on the mainstream media may well give the impression that this is not the case, but you need to remember that that media is owned and controlled by those who would control you, and it is obviously not in their interests to inform you of what is truly occurring. Nevertheless, they no longer have a stranglehold on the dissemination of information, and the truth is coming out despite their best efforts to contain it.

As more and more information about how you have been lied to and betrayed by those who have claimed to be working on your behalf becomes generally known, so more of you will feel that nudge to awaken, to change the insane reality in which you apparently have to live your lives, and to join collectively together to change the nightmare of your illusory reality into a pleasant and harmonious dream from which awakening will be easy, enticing, and entrancing.

All that needs to be in place for the momentous event of your awakening is in place.  Your progress towards that moment is on course and on schedule. Continue to focus on the reality of God’s infinite Love for you, for all of His creation, for all sentient beings, and allow His Love to suffuse and permeate you utterly and completely.  His divine energy field surrounds you in every moment; you have only to relax into it to experience and share the wonder of His Love which eternally embraces all that He has created.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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