CEASEFIRE now in effect between Israel and Hamas; People celebrating in Gaza

CEASEFIRE now in effect between Israel and Hamas; People celebrating in Gaza

C K Rich:  The people have spoken and been heard. The hard work has paid off for the people in Gaza and Israel. Victory of the Light!!

MONTREAL–(LadyDragon.com)21/11/12– 2.20pm EST, LadyDragon wrote – People celebrating in the street 🙂

Since 2 pm EST ceasefire in effect.

People now in the street celebrating 🙂

We can hear car’s horning and see people gathering in the street 🙂

Netanyahu said he spoke to Obama tonight that he is ready to a ceasefire.

He agreed to ease the restriction of the border.

He said to the people we have strong people and a strong forces and he is proud to be their Prime Minister.

Ehud said; We have accomplished what we set out to do, kill a lot of Hamas commanders and destroyed rockets

The Iron dome was a exceptional success.

He hopes for peace in the south and other countries.

We have achieved all the targets

We have done a wonderful job in reporting this everyone.

Yes they have done an excellent job in lying to everyone and killing a lot of innocent people.

And no information about the ceasefire.

REMEMBER that all of this started when Israel decided to murder the Hamas Commander who were en route carrying a draft of a Permanent Truce.

So Israel officials is totally to blame for all the killing of the people of in Palestine and the animals and the awful destruction of their vegetation and buildings and infrastructure.

Please everyone remember that this was plan all along.

I called them the FUCKERS other called them the Dark Cabal, the Elite, the Illuminati, 1% all these different names but they all means the same thing.

Their goal is to killed 90% of the people of the planet, create a 1 world goverment and enslave everyone.

But the problem is they are losing this fight ALL of the FUCKERS are in their last moment of power and the Gaza attack was done to delay their demise.

But the end game is still the same they ALL will be removed sooner rather then later.

We the people has succeed in stopping the FUCKERS now people are gathering in the street in Gaza to celebrate 🙂

See celebration live here —>- RT FeedAl Jazeera

Moments ago;

Hamas has demanded that all attack from the Drones the F-16 and the Navy ships to stop at once and completly.

Hamas to stop sending rockets at Israel.

Am getting told the the defence program of the Iron Dome played an important part in it.

Plus that President Morsi from Egypt has received garantees from both parties.

More details as it come please stay tuned.

Moments ago;

Israel to do a press conference in about 15 minutes.

After 1 week of hell and killing in Gaza; over 150 people died, 40 where children and more 2000 wounded and counting.

Only today 20 where killed among them 7 children.

At this moment no one knows the details and conditions of the Ceasefire.

More News and information in my next report please stay tuned


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