C K Rich : A Hard Hit, But Not Giving Up!!

Hit Hard ~ Light Shines Brighter

C K Rich : A Hard Hit, But Not Giving Up!!

By C K Rich

As you could probably tell there haven’t been any posts lately…

That’s because last week I got hit hard, on a road that went straight down that proverbial hill. I’ve basically been unable to get out of my bed for much of anything without just about passing out. I’ve been asleep for days now. I’m sure that this series of sickness has come directly from the depths of…well you know where!?!

I had thought seriously about a hospital a couple of times, but opted to say in the confines of my own safer bed…for now.

No, I’m not a sickly person which is why this past year has been killing me, or so it feels like it. Anything to take me away from getting the word out is the agenda of the dark. And so the battle continues…

But I will prevail!!

Although I mustard the strength after several days to write this, understand that I am far from better and it may be more days before I can get posting again.

I am sitting up a bit now and may try to post something each time I do. But I’ve been hit with the hardest blow and it may take me some time to recoup this time!

I’ve made so many errors just writing this short note to all you readers. Thank you Spell Check lol.

Remember, it always Darkest before the Dawn! I will take whatever is thrown at me and come back even stronger. The Sun will Shine all the Brighter after all is said and done, so Bring It!!

So with that being said, if there are any of the Light that would like to help post on the blogs and forum, please email Admin@goldenageoftruth.com with you skills and abilities and I will get back with you. Obviously leave your contact information in the email.

Oh yes, and if you haven’t noticed, we ill be switching the sites name over to GoldenAgeOfTruth.com

Take care and stay safe my friends!


C K Rich



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