BAST. “You Are Powerful, Immortal Beings Of Light.” August 24, 2012.


BAST. “You Are Powerful, Immortal Beings Of Light.” August 24, 2012.

By Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le)

▲ No longer shall you need to swim against the currents, oh Mighty Warriors, but in the days to come you shall flow smoothly with it.  Through it.  This gentleness, this symmetry is what is soon to become your reality upon the eradication of the pervading darkness.   Where now you see only limitation and lack of viable options, you shall soon behold incredible opportunities to spread wide your wings and soar as the birds do.  You currently find your manifestational skills grossly inhibited, and this is due simply to the way your minds have been trained to perceive only  obstacles.  Even though your heart is wise and knows otherwise, the voice of the ego tells you all the reasons why what you so desire is impossible.  But now that pessimistic voice finds itself silenced by default, as the pure energy pouring forth in great waves can no longer support it.  Try telling this pessimism, should it creep up unawares, most emphatically, “No. Stop. Go away.  I hear you no longer.”  Your glass is neither half empty nor half full.  Instead, it is filled up to the brim and overflowing with endless possibility.

▲ So, say that now you have mastered this new way of being and gradually you begin to accept and live by the dictates of your heart.  Soon your creations take form before your very eyes, and you are astonished!  How simple this is, is it not?  How much easier and more enjoyable is this way, rather than the stifling and exhausting process  of old.  Be it good health, freedom, or a bit of luxury now and again-what you choose to manifest matters far less than does the manner in which you bring it forth.  Be at peace in the certainty that the Universe is a most generous and dependable provider.  Then at long last experience a welcome cessation of the struggle.  Your incoming New World is one which is absent of greed and malice, with all of mankind starting over on a level playing field.

▲ You are powerful, immortal Beings of Light, sovereign in your own right.  Confuse not the suit of flesh you wear with whom you truly are inside.  It is a common mistake to think the attributes of the character you contracted to play in this lifetime is in any way what solely defines you.  Now you are tasked with the peeling, or might I say the ripping away of the layers of the facade.  Within, you are loyal, cultured, valiant, all-knowing…  Need I go on?  Your careful selection for this most serious mission was based on your exemplifying the very essence of all that is fine and good-whether you are aware of these qualities within yourself or not.  Respect yourselves for who you are, and respect others.  Respect Gaia, your Mother, your life-giving force, and bestow upon her the honor of which she is due.  Be ever confident in your innate ability to see her through this oftentimes painful transition.

▲ Also, you are curious beings, by nature, and I see this as a good thing.  It is your curiosity which shall lead you to uncover the truth of who you are, and to cast asunder the obsolete culture in which you now live-a culture constructed from lies.  This curiosity can always be counted upon to spur you on to seek more, to know more, to be more than the helpless and clinging creatures the Old Guard would have you brainwashed into thinking you are.  Do not ever meekly accept that which fails to resonate deep within your core.  Understand this as a warning that this is someone else’s truth, and not your own.  Seek and persist until such time as you find an answer which satisfies.  Your grand adventure does not stop with the Earth’s ascension.   Know that you shall never stop growing and expanding. Your light continues to shine ever brighter, Warriors, and all the Universe is yours.


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