This Ascension Will See the Whole Universe Lifted Up

This Ascension Will See the Whole Universe Lifted Up

Posted by Steve Beckow

Galactic conception of Ascension: The caterpillar becomes a butterfly

One of the matters that confuses people from time to time is the question of what is ascending. Is it only the Earth or are more areas of the galaxy and universe involved?

SaLuSa tells us that Ascension “applies to the whole Universe.” (1)  The changes, he says, “are affecting … not just your solar system, but [the] Universe and Galaxy.” (2)  On another occasion, he says, “the whole Universe … is being lifted up into the higher realms.”  (3) Like us, he says, the galactics are “part of the Great Plan…. All is uplifting into the higher vibrations, and it is a magnificent event and occasion for great celebrations.” (4)

Ascension, he says, “is to be an enormous event that happens very rarely.” (5)   The opportunity to ascend “is the natural conclusion of this cycle,” he informs us. (6)  Atmos agrees that “the plan for your Ascension is contained within the many cycles that are part of the orderly function of the Universe.” (7)

SaLuSa describes the lofty beings who are guiding and directing these events:

“[Ascension] is a tremendous change of scope beyond your imagination, and involves Beings of unlimited power and love. They carry out the Will of God and in that lies your assurance that all will proceed according to the Divine Plan.” (8)

Individual Ascensions are always taking place, as Ashtar discussed in An Hour with an Angel on Aug. 13, 2012. (9)  But this Ascension will be a mass event, as Archangel Michael tells us through Ronna Herman:

“In past ages, the ascension process was available only to those who incarnated as initiates firmly on the path, and as disciples whose mission was to anchor as much Divine Light and to bring forth as much cosmic wisdom as possible. That time is past. It is a time of mass ascension, for all the planets, solar systems and galaxies within this universe are actively involved in an ascension process.” (10)

On occasion in the past, SaLuSa reveals, an Ascension has been planned and has not taken place. But “although you have missed out on earlier occasions, this time, if you are ready, you are absolutely certain to ascend.” (11) To be ready means to agree to ascend and to have assimilated sufficient light or love (they are the same) to endure the higher vibrations of the Fifth Dimension.

Ascension is divinely decreed, he reminds us, and “mere mortals cannot stop what has been divinely decreed.”  (12) The dark ones, the Hathors tell us, cannot impede Ascension.

“Regardless of their source, the days, so to speak, for those who are trying to control your destiny for their own selfish ends are numbered. The shift from 4th dimensional consciousness to 5th dimensional consciousness cannot be stopped any more than the dawn of a new day can be avoided. The evolution of consciousness on your Earth and of Earth, herself, is in the midst of a dynamic shift and you are a vital part of it.” (12)

They have fought to the end to stave off Ascension, SaLuSa tells us, and have failed.

“You have had immense help and the plan to awaken you has been successful beyond expectations. As you are finding out, the dark Ones fight to the end but whatever they do it will not alter the outcome. The die has been [cast] and Ascension will come with all of its glory and majesty. It truly is a great occasion that has stirred the interest of life throughout the Universe, who watch on to be part of the inevitable and welcome celebrations”. (13)

Atmos also assures us that, because it is “happening by divine decree, … we can confidently assure you that it will not be delayed. Why otherwise would we of the Galactic Federation be encircling your Earth, with millions of craft in readiness for First Contact and the restoration of Mother Earth.” (14)

So this Ascension, which we already know is special in that it will be accomplished with us taking our physical forms with us, is also special in that it involves not just one planet as, say, with Halion or Venus, but the whole universe. It cannot be delayed and, as Archangel Michael said back in May, we’ve already passed the tipping point, the point before which not enough people had qualified for Ascension, and the boulder is now rolling downhill to its inevitable conclusion.  (15) Ascension, identified as coming on Dec. 21, 2012 or before, cannot now be stopped in this locale.


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