‘ Anonymous Source ‘ (Global Settlement)


‘ Anonymous Source ‘ (Global Settlement)

By C K Rich

This page will consist of all the information that I have/am acquiring from a person I will be referring to as ‘Anonymous Source’. This information will contain history and facts about the ‘Global Settlement’ Fund also known as the ‘Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols’. This information will explain what has happened to the World’s Wealth, banking/Financing, why Wars, the Illuminati-Cabal and much more, but will also connect the dots to how all this is inter-related to each other and how it is all connected. It will explain the dynamics of how the Elites have controlled our world for centuries of time, especially the past couple hundred years!

Warning Disclaimer:  This may shock some people and will anger any normal human being, once you understand the dynamics of it all …that is to be expected!!


It has been asked by ‘Anonymous Source’ that ‘We The People’ of the World make all this information viral as I put it out!! We Thank everyone of you for all your help in getting this information out to the public and waking up The People!!!


‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ The Secret Gold Treaty



‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ The Secret Gold Treaty… Continued



‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ Project Hammer



‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ Lawsuit ~ AmeriTrust Corporation, Inc.



‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ Wanta: Illuminati Cash “Slush Fund” Estimated At 65 Trillion Dollars…



‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ Wanta: Black Eagle Trust Fund



‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ CMKX: These Are Some of the Settlement in Play and All Are Connected



‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ Treasurygate: Another of the Global Settlement Cases



‘ Anonymous Source ’ On Bonds ~ Brother, Can You Spare $6 Trillion?



‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ MAY BE A TRUTH, MAY BE LIES…(The Truth is Out There). Second Part



‘ Anonymous Source ’ ~ DeepBlackLies: THE SPOILS OF WAR



 ‘Anonymous Source’ ~ The History of the Powers and Authorities of His Excellency …



 ‘Anonymous Source’ ~ The Last Post from Christopher Story



 ‘Anonymous Source’ ~ Will Extraterrestrial “Disclosure” or Contact happen in 2012?



 ‘Anonymous Source’ ~ WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. The Story of the 2012 Revolution By HopeGirl



‘Anonymous Source’ ~ Response to “While you were asleep, Story of the 2012 Revolution” By HopeGirl




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