Announcing the Launch of the Fix the World Organization Website!


Announcing the Launch of the Fix the World Organization Website!

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The Fix the World (FTW) Organization is a services business that will act as a central hub providing the tools and support for individuals, groups, and organizations to express, develop, fund, implement, and execute their planet-changing ideas through projects, learning, and a network of resources.

FTW will act as a clearinghouse for ideas, organizations, and finances, and will serve as a catalyst in these areas. We will be in a position to introduce various clients to each other based on each one’s intrinsic characteristics, resources and needs. Our mission is to redefine a way of doing global and local business through a consistently evolving structure we call the “New Paradigm Business Model”.


At last we are up and running!  Here’s a list of exciting things you can find on our new website!

Check out our Amazing Planet Changing Projects!

NOW Accepting Project Submissions!

Become a Member of the Fix the World Community! (create an account)

Check out other Organizational Partners that have come to Fix the World!

Learn all about the Fix the World Organization!

Find great resources and learning material in our Reference Library and Truth Articles Sections!




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