American Kabuki 7-8-12…” Salmon Portland Chase ”

American Kabuki 7-8-12…” Salmon Portland Chase ”

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I found this article by American Kabuki quite fascinating. Perhaps you will too.

Salmon Portland Chase

I’ve decided to move this text from the Dragon Funds Rumor posting to its own spot. I’ve got some new information from CW I am going to add to the Dragon Funds post, so I want to make sure that it stays concise and easy to read. That post has generated a lot of controversy, not so much for the funding but for the comment about Obama NOT being the shadowy character so many people think he is. I’ve frankly not held an opinion on Obama one way or the other. I think both sides make good a good case, but one thing that bothers me is if Fox News continually attacks someone, 99% of the time they are usually doing something right.

Poof mentioned something about how our current situation goes back to the Civil War, and I believe that is indeed true. This is a little bit of research I did last year, I don’t claim its complete, there’s much I am still learning but I noticed neither Fulford nor Wilcock have gone into this part of American history all that much.

From my personal research the civil war is the start of the circumstances that inserted the cellophane wrapper of the corporate US of A between the people and the Republic and the organic US Constitution. The USA went bankrupt with the costs of the Civil War and the USofA lacked liquidity after the crash that resulted from pumping and dumping of the Railroad stocks by the Rothschilds and allied bankers. U.S. Grant did a deal with the devil, the Rothschild bankers, to regain liquidity of finances.

Salmon P. Chase, a Senator from Ohio who opposed Slavery, was made Secretary of the Treasury in Lincoln’s administration. He was also later a Supreme Court Justice. Chase as Secretary of the Treasure introduced our paper money system and created the first market for US Bond sales (government debt) with Jay Cooke and Company, who operated a telegraph based bond marketing system across the USA. Cooke and Company partners were later involved in some serious financial scandals. The “greenback” as a demand note, got its start in 1871-1872 during Chase’ tenure. A demand note is a loan with no set period of payback. Salmon P. Chase’s portrait appeared on the now discontinued $10,000 note and he was the man to add the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” to our money.

Wikipedia says this about demand notes:

The Continental Congress had issued Continental Dollars between 1775 and 1779 to help finance the American Revolution. The paper Continental Dollars nominally entitled the bearer to an equivalent amount of Spanish Milled Dollars but were never redeemed in silver and lost 99% of their value by 1790 despite the American victory.[1] With the fate of the Continentals in mind, the Founding Fathers embedded in the Constitution no provision for a paper currency, and the Constitution explicitly prohibits states from making anything but gold or silver legal tender. As a result, the pre-Civil War circulation of banknotes in the United States consisted of private issues,[2] including issues by private federally chartered banks such as the First and the Second Bank of the United States.

While the Constitution did not explicitly grant the power to issue paper currency, it did grant the power to borrow money. Treasury Notes, as a form of debt, were an innovation to help bridge Federal financing gaps when the government encountered difficulty selling a sufficient amount of long term bonds, or loan “stock”. Treasury Notes were first employed during the War of 1812 and were issued irregularly up through the Civil War.

The war of 1812 started after the US Government kicked out the Rothschild bank. In retribution the Rothschilds convinced the Crown to attack Washington DC with British troops from Canada. The White House was burned to the ground. When that attack ultimately failed Rothschild agents fomented discontent in the Southern States (the suppliers of cotton for British textile mills) and financed the Confederacy in its war against the Union.

The American experiment in democracy was a direct threat against the bloodline families who rule and financed Europe’s monarchies. The South has always stated the “War Between the States” was about economics and their lifestyle. The problem was the South didn’t have the vision to see that industrialization would soon eliminate the need for slaves to grow cotton. A similar myopic vision exists in our government today, they cannot see beyond the use of fossil fuels to power the economy, even though technologies do exist that harness the natural energy that comes into this planet from the Sun and Universe.

Wikipedia further states:

Characteristically the issues were not extensive and the “polite fiction” was always maintained that Treasury Notes did not serve as money when, in fact, to a limited extent they did.[3] These notes usually bore interest, their value varied with market conditions, and they rapidly disappeared from the financial system after the crisis associated with their issuance had ended.

Salmon P. Chase was a Freemason. Chase and John Purdue founded the Lafayette Bank and Purdue University in Layfayette Indiana. Purdue was a war profiteer and got very rich on providing dry goods to the Union war effort (sound like the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie?).

Wikipedia says this on John Purdue:

In 1869, he helped found the Lafayette Savings Bank, following Salmon Portland Chase’s office as Secretary of the Treasury. Purdue served as its president. Eventually, JP Morgan Chase & Co would purchase Purdue National Corporation of Lafayette, Indiana, in 1984, a merger that would unite the names of these two individuals again.

Purdue was a Freemason with Chase, and later supported some questionable business ventures including: backing the Lafayette, Muncie and Bloomington Railroad even as lawsuits and debts climbed. Purdue also backed a silver mining scheme in Colorado called the Purdue Gold and Silver Mining and Ore Reduction Company that failed to pay any dividends. (the story of the Purdue Gold mine is story fit for a Hollywood movie)

Chase and Purdue also founded a secret society at Purdue, The Sacred Order of Skull and Crescent. It is also known as The Lafayette Club and The Society of Bubo and Bones. It predates Yale’s Skull and Bones. Skull and bones and the great horned owl (Bubo) are the most outward symbols associated with the society, but there are other symbols too, and the group is rumored to have once, or still be, closely linked to Yale’s Skull and Bones Society. While Yale Skull and Bones people seem to known for infiltrating government positions, its Purdue cousin has members scattered throughout economics, banking, aerospace firms and NASA.

The current Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court Chase T. Rogers is genealogically connected to Salmon P. Chase.

Salmon P. Chase fought to end the slavery of blacks in this country, however his actions in the area of finance, led to a system of slavery by debt. Whether that was purposeful or the law of unintended consequences if for historians to sort out.

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