From Agartha of the Inner Earth for the Equinox Group, September 13, 2012


From Agartha of the Inner Earth for the Equinox Group, September 13, 2012

By C K Rich

Hello we are Lona and Rai of the inner Earth, we are from what is termed Agartha. We have been communicating with all of you for eons and like any communication it is important to listen and discern for yourselves if the information coming through is a truth for you. You all have the ability to measure what is a truth for your selves and what may not be a truth.

We have chosen Patrick to communicate our messages outwardly and allow him to post these messages, these communications with brothers and sisters you have been acquainted for from millennia and beyond. We use his blue beam of light sent within the inner planet so he may feel grounded to the earth and also so that we may send our love and strength to him and those that are willing to receive that love and wisdom. Through his third eye Patrick sends his blue beam into the sun for his own balancing of being in these moments of communication.

We do this not to force upon you of the making of a decision without your choice considered in this matter, we lovingly send these communiques to the surface so that others may have a perspective from our Earth our Gaia from those that have been living within the planetary realms within the planet, on the planet and above this planet. The formless ones have been the jump starters of this movement and have assisted past civilizations in knowing and assisting with information and artifacts to assist those that are now in the present moment. This is something that those who have chosen to control; those that choose power over others have done their best to conceal. With the light as it is now the concealment is not necessary as those that work with and in the light know intrinsically that the truth cannot be hidden.

As for the ascension or the growth of those on the surface of Gaia that has been foretold, this is well underway, and you all may have an inkling (we like that word) that there is something different within yourselves and also on physical outside of yourselves that transmits and transmutes into the ether and into the physical world that you are now and have been exposed to. Let us talk about how this will all occur. There will be nothing new within the body of this information, within our communique in this moment of the now that has not been revealed except some fine details that that are now being constructed.

You may see disarray however please choose to see the movements around you as a following by the wayside for the new to be catapulted into place. Often in the 3rd dimension of where you now reside it often takes a grave illness or a tearing down of one’s health so that that one may realize a new way needs to be chosen so that ‘I’ may continue on in a healthy manner. The old is now an illness that is being remedied so that a new and beneficial way may be imparted to replace the diseased parts. The medicine for the illness correction is your light, which shines ever and ever brighter and your love you send out which is expanding at enormous speed.

One thing that may not have been communicated is that the growth you are experiencing on the surface of Gaia is not limited to those of you that do inhabit the beautiful surface of our planet. And when we say our planet we are discussing the attributes that we are all one and that we are all here to experience the growth that has been handed down through a divine decree of oneness. This is the unity consciousness that all of you are moving into, the feeling of lack of separation from anyone or anything, even to those that choose to harm and choose to thieve. There are choices now to not allow this to occur.

Your movement in your 1960’s created fear within the elite and powerful on the planet. How could the people have mobilized so quickly and allowed us to make changes we did not want to? The dark ones asked themselves this whilst scratching their heads. This was a great time to numb the masses through methods that have not even come into the light of your current knowledge and we do not need to discuss these items here as we choose to focus on what shines brightest, your inner beings and your creative energy.

Our growth within Gaia is also occurring at a rapid pace. We are physical as yourselves yet we within this beautiful planet have evolved to where time is non-existent and space is a dimension that you choose to occupy, it is not something we view as ‘out there’. As our friends, the formless ones and those of our space brothers in the higher dimensions that are evolved we are able, as you are, to be in multiple spaces at the same ‘time’, if you will, and that ‘time’ is without a sense of separation. This is why you experience channels on your internet from the different benevolent beings from several different sources that channel messages and perhaps all on the same day and even at the same time.

Why we are communicating at this time with Patrick is to let all of you know that planetary alignments, energy from the sun, spatial shifts, pole reversals, electromagnetic energy is all here for your benefit, for your universal growth. Your religions and governments have chosen to teach ridicule for others that believe in these beneficial and beautiful actions of a creator that loves each and every one, each and every animal, tree and so on. As you also well know that ridicule has also been passed down by religion and governments so that your ET friends, ourselves included are a farce. WE see that many of you have attempted to speak with loved ones, with friends and have seen the glaze on their eyes. Even though there is and has been a multitude of physical evidence.

Our brothers and sisters are not here to force anything upon anyone an as well that is not the job of any one because we are now on the verge of a growing show-of-hands on the planet that are without doubt and without fear of what is termed the ‘unknown’. In ultimate reality there is nothing unknown there is only remembrance, how well will you remember who it is you are being?

We know that those of the light are now aware of this beautiful phenomenon of planetary and star alignments, energy grids within and on the surface of Gaia. We also are aware of some frustration you have at attempting to talk of these things even when empirical proof exists. This is okay as there will be plenty of physical proof coming in the next few days, weeks and months to make even the most fervent non-believer one with the light. We say this not to force anything upon anyone for that is not why we are here, there still exists free will from our creator and it is also how we here within Gaia have chosen to live within our communications, our communities and within our spirit of one.

We say this so that soon when the events are physically unfolding your choices to be in the light and assist others will be that more loving and gentler toward those whom have chosen to continue on within the heavy confines of the 3rd dimension. We see your eyes that are within you, they are opened and you look forward with anticipation and excitement and a knowing that all will be as has been communicated from the various sources you all have chosen to positively vibrate with.

It is important that you continue to smile as you are, that you maintain your excitement, as you are, that you continue to choose to believe as you have been for that is where creation resides, within the smile of your inner being, within the believing that you are indeed more than you have been led to believe.

The old order is stumbling, there is but naught infighting and a few public skirmishes that are placed into your press to continue with the fear, however just as one of your American football teams that is desperate in the last few moments of a game to get that last point to overtake their opponent, they take a big risk and it rarely pays off, it is a gamble and not well thought out. It is an attempt to ‘win’ by creating a last ditch effort. There is a difference in the ascension, the growth of your Gaia and yourselves…there is a plan for those in the light and those that choose to harm have no more play book but to revert to tired and worn tactics that all now see through. Once again scratching their heads thinking they ‘were too big to fail’. Whoops, forgot about that pesky light and love that is permeating throughout.

You are now protected and have always been protected. The weapons designed to kill the masses, the nuclear ones and the secret ones are offline and will not be allowed to be used against our brothers and sisters. There is nothing that can cease our expansion into the higher realms. My flame, his name is Rai, and myself, I am called Lona and our brothers and sisters within Agartha, on the surface of Gaia and in your space above you, the formless ones as well as the creator we have chosen to ascend to a higher realm as well.

There will now be no end to the growth you have chosen to experience, the growth of your inner selves. From within so it is without.

We are Lona and Rai from Agartha and we welcome your presence within our thoughts and within our beings. We choose to connect on the Equinox coming up and you all know who you are. We send our love to you, that is our gift, it is also All That Is and is from All That Is.

We come with love and we offer our love, do so with your brothers and sisters, if you choose, as we know appreciation is there when a deliberate choice is made to send your beautiful light and love out to those with you on this journey.

We will be together again.

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