Take This as an Advisement ~ Bank Deposit Protections and Your Funds


Take This as an Advisement ~ Bank Deposit Protections and Your Funds

By Drake

From: Neil Keenan

To:  Drake Bailey

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 12:58 PM
Subject:  An Informational Warning Letter Arrived Today. This article may be helpful

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Subject: An Informational Warning Letter Arrived Today. This article may be
helpful but I do not yet know of Ms Barnhardt’s reliability. Take it as an
“advisement” for now perhaps.

Warning: Get Your Money Out: “All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are
Now Officially Gone”

August 13, 2012
Former moneyxAnn Barnhardt, who in November of 2011 made the decision
to cease operations of her brokerage firm and return funds to her
customers citing “systemic” problems within the entire financial
industry, has issued a new warning about the stability of US banks and
the safety of individual deposit accounts.

The warning, stemming from a recent federal appeals court ruling
surrounding customer funds lost during the 2007 collapse of Chicago
futures broker Sentinel, indicates that individuals who lose deposited
funds because a financial institution improperly manages that money,
even if those funds are supposed to be “segregated” from other
operations of the firm, are essentially left with no recourse if the
firm goes belly-up. According to the court, a misallocation of those
customer funds, “is not, on its own, sufficient to rule as a matter of
law that Sentinel acted ‘with actual intent to hinder, delay, or
defraud’ its customers.”

The implications of the ruling, according to Barnhardt, will affect
the monies of all private individuals who have seen their deposit
accounts wiped out in the collapse of firms like John Corzine’s MF
Global and put all deposit account holders in the country at risk
should their bank be faced with a financial windstorm:

The NFA in collusion with the banksters, government and judiciary have
achieved their goal. The entire concept of “customer segregated funds”
is officially, completely, legally dead.

Guys, it is OVER. I know that many of you are still cowering in
normalcy bias, unable to deal with reality, unable to face the world
as it is, but you have GOT to snap out of it. The marketplace is
DESTROYED. You CANNOT be in these markets. All legal protections are
now officially gone.
The federal appeals court ruled yesterday that not only does BNYM stay
at the front of the line, but that using customer segregated funds as
collateral is NOT a crime, and that co-mingling customer segregated
funds with proprietary funds is NOT fraud.
What this means is that even if Jon Corzine is somehow dragged into
court by private citizens, because you know damn good and well that
the Justice Department will never, ever touch him, Corzine now has a
legal precedent, likely from a bribed or otherwise coerced Federal
Appeals Court, explicitly stating that an FCM can use customer
deposits to pay its debts, and that the customers themselves are
subjugated and have basically no legal right to their own monies, no
matter what the law says, or what legal assurances, claims or
guarantees are made to that customer about their funds held with an
FCM or any other brokerage or depository institution. The “secured”
party at the front of the line will always be the mega-bank who made
the fraudulent loan using the stolen customer funds as collateral.
In other words, all customer funds in the United States are now the
legal property of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BNYM, or whichever
megabank is the counterparty on the loans the FCM or depository
institution takes out in order to fund its mega-levered proprietary
in-house trading desks.

Source: Ann Barnhardt via Steve Quayle

The ruling is specifically designed to protect large financial
institutions that have (purposefully) mismanaged customer funds and
used the hard-earned life savings of Americans to gamble on equities,
commodities and bond markets. If those firms happen to make the wrong
bet, as MF Global, Sentinel and a handful of others have recently
done, depositors who have placed funds with the banks under the belief
that their bank account is securely protected from trading liabilities
are now completely exposed and liable for the incompetence and
negligence of those who engage in market trading.

This latest ruling combined with recent actions by the Federal Reserve
and other government regulators suggests a massive fraud has taken
place and the financial system itself is under extreme strain with the
potential to make the financial collapse of 2007/2008 look like just a
training exercise.

In recent days, for example, it’s come to light that the government
has secretly called on the country’s five major banks to prepare
themselves for collapse by creating stress recovery plans to be used
in the event of worst case scenarios.

A few weeks ago, the Federal Reserve also implemented a new policy for
money market funds held by financial institutions. Per the new policy,
money market funds, which account for some $2.7 trillion in deposits
across the United States, can be frozen in the event of an emergency
or financial panic. This means that if and when the system does go
into a tailspin, at exactly the time people will want to pull their
money out of their bank account, they will be restricted from doing

These latest actions by government regulators, judges and financial
institutions point to one thing: that we have an unprecedented
financial collapse in the making. If such a financial crisis comes to
pass it is clear that the policies and procedures now in place will
transfer the legally owned deposits and money market savings of
individual Americans into the hands of the banks at which those funds
are kept.

Get Your Money Out.

Consider alternate, collapse-centric investment strategies and what is
money when the system as we know it falls apart.

Article Link:   http://americannationalmilitia.com/2012/08/take-this-as-an-advisement/


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