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Acting on Emerging Truths

By Angela Peregoff

July 1, 2012

Free will determines a lot in humans. It is the element that creates twists and turns in your life. Free will allows humans to go against their intuitive insights and to utilize ego decisions instead of the spirit decisions.

You have the choice to create a life of ego, spirit or some variation of the mix. One may create more conflict while the other may bring you into the flow of your very existence.

~ Angela Peregoff

The seventh month of the year begins on a quiet and relaxed tone. You have this week to rest in the pause of the Fourth of July holiday [in the United States] before being romanced by the next big wave of expanded Light that is set to shine on us. Make this a week of connecting to and with those individuals and activities that bring you pleasure.

The peacefulness of the week will be perfect support for the nature of such activities, so go ahead, and plan a get together or a getaway. And to receive the settling of what Gaia has been cosmically gifted with throughout June take some intentional time to connect with land – tend to plants, hike or walk, spend the day at the beach or lake, have a picnic and eat on the ground, or better yet camp. It’s certainly not every week that the universe is in our corner giving us gentle hugs and down-time so take advantage.

As we move later into the month the theme of “still contentment” comes in and each of us will be acting on the emerging truths that have been bubbling up from all our 2012 integrations. Expansion has brought a consistency of Intelligence and Wisdom that is available to the conscious mind 24/7.

Get ready to have your acute awareness develop even further for July folks.

You are about to refine your ability to make conscious choices based on the truth of the moment. Because of this you are going to experience your life differently. The old fun-and-games way was through the ego and personality, through separated feelings. The new penetrating way will be through knowing and intuition in a heart-centered space. From an orientation of deeper stillness you will understand what needs to happen from the inside.

The Soul is set to have domain in every thought and feeling. At first this may seem scary as you won’t be supported by any external sources. Just remember as you move into this shift that validation and security about choices will now emanate from your inner sanctuary.

July is also going to be the time when you begin to see the ingredients of how you manifest all your pieces of creation as they get together like dominoes falling into line. This will clarify for you what you have been committed to and what you value most in life. As you evaluate what you are creating you will begin to establish what truly serves your rising truth of Self as Spirit. You are going to feel like doing a through cleansing of your vibrations as fine tuning what you want to attract becomes more apparent.

As you become more conscious you are going to become clearer and clearer in regard to following the path that leads to your real power. You are truly discovering how making choices over time, with consistency, creates a reality. You will discover what creates suffering. You will discover how much of your reality you have created unconsciously.

July is going to be a time to become more effective as a Creator as everything is much more immediate, and creative energies run high on the winds of change.

You must be especially clear this summer; focus your intentions on expansive goals suitable for these times of change and back them up with actions that bring the very best outcomes. You are responsible for enhancing your life and using your mind to innovate beneficial changes. Live an inspired life! The energies are now quick and fast and will follow your focus.

Throughout July great surges of life force energy will compel you to operate in higher states of consciousness. You will experience bursts of comprehension and new inspiration as a new rhythm of the heart seeks expression through the body, preparing you new directions in biological accessibility. Your inner reality naturally manifests itself in the outside world, and the more awareness you have about your feelings and beliefs, the easier it becomes to create beneficial experiences. The outer world is a direct feedback system, showing you the nature of your inner world.

Everyone has been making most of their choices from tribal consciousness, trying to fit in, or have social acceptance, no matter how limited it has actually been. It has all come out of the judgment of right and wrong, good and bad. You, as the awakening soul, will see how little consciousness there is in the world about making conscious choices. Mass consciousness operating under the Old paradigm has basically been a group of adult children looking for someone else to tell them what to do. As the New pronounces itself, there will be an irresistible curiosity to see what happens when one goes against the social grain. You may be surprised at the ones who actually stop in their tracks to pay attention to the Soul voice inside.

Now, as you are well aware, there are still many, many people around the globe who do not operate with much conscious awareness; nonetheless, these times are a testing ground to awaken all of humanity to its inner power. The grand plans of the shift are based on a massive acceleration of energy to birth a new expansion of consciousness in humankind.

To one degree or another, all people are immersed in the process of exploring entire new areas of growth and states of awareness.

Yes, there are pieces coming to fruition in July. Pieces that will be seen and felt as individuals take responsibility for the energy and attitudes they bring to the world. Won’t it be nice when the majority of people you know rise up and take dominion over their lives in a consistent, congruent, collaborative, and sacred manner? How about the day you see them lose the fear and step into whatever actions are called for in order to align with the integrity of the Soul?

Yeap! That’s the day you and I will be dancing in the streets and yellin Hallelujah!


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