All About 12/12/12 , 12/21/12 and Ascension ~ An Hour With An Angel with the Divine Mother: Replay

All About 12/12/12 , 12/21/12 and Ascension ~ An Hour With An Angel with the Divine Mother: Replay

From InLight Radio

This week’s show celebrates the first anniversary of the program, which began on Dec. 12, 2011. It is also the second from last show, as we far as we know and the show that falls two days before 12/12/12.

Our guest is the Divine Mother.  We’ll ask her what we can expect to see on 12/12/12 and on 12/21/12. We’ll ask her what is special about this Ascension and what Earth’s place is in it.

We’ll ask her when the chronically ill can expect to have their health returned and the aged to become young again. We’ll ask her to review what the role is of the lightworkers and starseeds who’ve chosen to be here at this time of shift.

We’ll seek to discover whether duality will be ending everywhere in this universe and if so where those who choose not to ascend will go.

We’ll inquire into what is happening behind the scenes with those who are staging Earth’s Ascension. We’ll ask about what is transpiring among those who are seeing to the Ascension of the whole universe. If we have time, we’ll ask her to comment on the Ascension of the ascended masters, expected soon as well.

And we have many other questions of how forms can be constructed from love, whether we’ll see our loved ones who have passed away, etc. Come celebrate with us one year of An Hour with an Angel by hearing the One in the universe who’s responsible for creating, preserving and transforming all that has form – the Divine Mother.

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