01/22/13 The Collective Imagination Transcript ~ RTS


01/22/13 The Collective Imagination Transcript ~ RTS

From RemovingTheShackles (RTS)

Goooooooood Morning friends!!

Here is the transcription from the Radio show with Lisa Harrison on January 22.  There are a few garbled bits and pieces when we were having audio problems.

A HUGE Thank you  to my merry friend and her accomplice for putting so much time and effort into this for us!!

light to you all

01/22/2013 The Collective Imagination

with Lisa Harrison & guests

Lisa: Welcome everyone to The Collective Imagination show. And I have to say I think our collective imagination is working overtime. We are doing some brilliant work out there, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. We have another great show lined up today. We’ve got Thomas Hughes joining us. We’ve got D from Removing the Shackles joining us. We’ve already got two callers on hold & we’ve got 82 of you wonderful people in the chat room already. So this is very, very exciting. Apparently, we’ve got an echo on the line…what’s going on there?


Barbara: Oh, I’m just seeing 84, 85, 86…87, 88, 89…oh my gosh. I’m gonna shut up now.


Lisa: Well, say hi to everybody Barbara.


Barbara: Hi everybody.


Lisa: Barbara in New York, as always, manning the fort. And our other regulars, Bob in Pennsylvania.


Bob: Hello everyone.


Lisa: How you doing today?


Bob: I’m ecstatic.


Lisa: Yeah, me too. I’m all abuzz.


Bob: I’m over the top. You’ll have to invent a word, Lisa.


Lisa: Okay, give me a minute, I will. And Chris in Melbourne.


Chris: Hi everybody. I’m good…in anticipation of your question. I’m so spread across two completely different worlds. I can’t believe it, but…that’s reality for me.


Lisa: Yeah, I’m spending time in lots of dimensions at the moment.


Chris: And as per instructions, I’m having fun with it.


Lisa: Yeah, great stuff. Hello D, a little giggle in the background there.


D: Ah yes, hi everyone. Now I got notice tonight…this was awesome.


Lisa: You did…this was what a whole 50 minutes notice.


D: I did…enough time to get a memo up onto Removing the Shackles to let everyone know. It was awesome.


Lisa: Beautiful & thank you again for joining us this week.


D: Oh, it’s my pleasure.


Lisa: And we’ve also got Thomas…Thomas Hughes…Happy Birthday.


Thomas: Yes, yes, this body made it 43 times aorund the Sun.


Lisa: Well, congratulations.


Thomas: Pardon me for saying so, but I just feel like I’m going around in circles…you know.


Lisa: Around & around the Sun. Alright guys, we’re going to try to give you some updates on what’s going on in the world over the last week…that we’re aware of. The many & varied wonderful ways that our collective imagination is expressing itself & our intent is expressing itself. But I know that D has some information that she wants to share, so I’m going to bring her out right from the beginning & get that conversation started. D?


D: Well…thank you, Lisa. I’m just going to share with everyone that I tried to do this myself earlier today & I recorded 45 minutes that…didn’t record. And luckily, just when I had some peace & quiet this evening, Lisa called me & said, Would you like to be on the show? And I said, great, then no-one has to rely on my technological idiocy to try & record myself.


Lisa: Well, there you’ve got…oh, it’s still going up…107, 108…people who are anxiously waiting to hear from you, so…


D: Well, here’s what I want to talk about. I touched on some of these subjects last week when we talked…or touched on this subject last week. There’s a lot of people who are just confused, not understanding what’s going on & wondering. You know, the Obama inauguration happened yesterday…after everyone talking about NESARA coming into play. It’s left a lot of people confused as to what’s going on.


Like I said, last week I kind of hinted at what’s going on with NESARA, what’s been happening in the background there. Since last week, I’ve gotten a lot more deeper insight as to the situation at hand. So I’m going to preface this & say…& I’ve touched on this on my blog, Removing the Shackles, a few times & said that there are times when you’re working with intel & information that you can get very hyper-focused on one single aspect of what you’re looking at…

to the exclusion of other things, especially when you are desperately looking for an outcome that you want. So, for example, I got into doing the intel through first the dinar RV…then of course it snowballed from there & went into the prosperity packages & the World Global Settlements, etc, etc. And when you’re looking for something specific, I have found anyways in myself, you have a tendency to not listen to your Higher Self…if it’s questioning what you’re hearing.


You want to believe what you’re hearing, because it sounds wonderful…that it’s going to take you to that goal that you’re trying to get to. So when the little voice in the back of your head starts saying…this isn’t right…something here doesn’t add up…you tend to just shush it & ignore it. Because you just want to get to that goal.


So, in all the information that I’ve learned, especially over the last six months, we’ve seen a certain country become noticed as being extremely involved in the global currency revaluation & the RV of course of the Iraqi dinar & the VND. And certain people from that country playing major, major roles…on American soil & what’s happening.


There was a lot of times I had questions about this…I couldn’t understand how these people…how did this work into the whole NESARA thing, because NESARA was supposed to be the betterment of human kind. And there was just things going on & I just went, that doesn’t add up…it just doesn’t add up. And you ignore it.


So, as things have gone along, especially over the last three months, more & more information has come out that has just had alarm bells ringing in my head. One of the biggest things is the various groups that have been organized or negotiating, or have been negotiating, to get higher rates when they do their currency exchange. It’s based on oil credits.


And immediately the little voice in the back of my head says, okay why would this country be so eager to get oil credits? Because once NESARA’s announced, the Patent Office gets opened, all those technologies that have been hidden for years will be released & basically the only thing oil is gonna be good for is making plastic bags…at that point…one of those things. Another one is little bits of information that have just really, really bugged me.


As we came into December, of course when all the arrests took place in Washington…& I know there’s all those people out there who want to say it never happened, it never happened…I have confirmed, multiply confirmed with so many sources from all areas of government, from military sources, from international government, from other government agencies…that this did happen. There’s no way that this could have NOT happened, given all the information that so many people have. So, let’s take it as fact…as much as fact can be considered in anything at this point.


We were told announcements are coming…immediately. The weekend after…announcements are coming. And they didn’t happen. And it went on & on for a couple of days & it went to a couple of weeks. And you’d hear little excuses, like oh well, you know, there’s a security glitch…or there was a back door hack into the computer system again…& oh they’ve arrested them all.

But all along we were getting told the announcements were gonna be made. As soon as the announcements are made, all these things are all gonna roll out at once. The prosperity packages, the announcements of NESARA, the RV, the new financial system, flowers & love hearts & wonderful things for everyone.


And as time has gone on…& of course on the 25th, that’s when I started getting in contact with Heather about The People’s Trust. At the beginning, Heather & I actually had several arguments about NESARA & about the RV, because I was adamant that my information was absolutely correct. And as the last few weeks have gone along, I have come to realize that again we have pieces that just don’t add up.


When you’re getting told one story by all different agencies…most specifically one area of government agency if you will…saying these announcements are going to happen, everything’s going to happen…this is going to happen, that’s going to happen. For example, then being told that Obama is gone, he’s not coming back, etc, etc. And nothing happens…again…over & over.


And last week, just before I came on the show actually last week, I got hit with a whole pile of information. I spoke with Heather about it extensively & a few other people. It became very abundantly clear to me at that point, that what we are seeing happening was that NESARA & everything else that was supposed to roll out with it, all at the same time, had basically been usurped by the cabal. They were just going to do a little regime change…you know, make it look all fresh & new, prosperous for everyone…but in reality, it was going to be the same old, same old in the background.


Funnily enough, about two months ago, I had a friend of mine talk to me about the history of China. And said that over the various dynasties in China, this is basically what they’ve been doing for thousands of years. That when things started getting bad & the people started getting restless, so to speak, they’d have a dynasty change. And everything would be prosperous & light & wonderful for a generation or two. But the reality of it was, it was just a different mask on the same dynasty.


And that is exactly what they are trying to do, or what they have tried to do with NESARA & the RV & all the other bits & pieces that are supposed to roll out with it.  I’ve sat & talked to several of my intel people & we’ve looked at it from every single angle & said you know, when you take it into context from everything we’ve seen, especially since December…December 25th, with People’s Trust going public & live all over…everyone talking about it continuously…blogs, articles, recorded interviews, etc.


On the flip side of that, knowing through The People’s Trust, that the governments have been foreclosed on & all their agencies that go with them…& like I said, on the flip side of that, being told by these government agencies, oh yes, NESARA’s coming…the announcements are coming. They’re gonna come, they’re gonna come.


Last week, unbelievable, it was hourly…getting told…to the point where we were told that there was absolutely no way that the announcements would not happen last weekend…this past weekend. There is no possible way…it will happen…100% it’s going to happen. And of course it didn’t. As I knew it wouldn’t. I think I shook up a quite a few trees, because I told everyone that it wasn’t going to happen, because of the fact that I’ve realised now that we are seeing the cabal at the moment are at complete, abject panic.


They don’t know what to do. They know they’re foreclosed on. There’s no way of getting around it. Because of that, they can’t move forward. And they don’t have any money that they would need to roll out with the RV & NESARA & everything else. Because those funds are not going to be released under the current system & under the current cabal leadership of what they’re tryng to do.


Lisa: So, the assets that they would’ve relied on to back this system have been removed from them. So they have no assets from which to draw from. Is that pretty much it?


D: Well, that’s it. They are relying upon the gold collateral accounts & St. Germaine Trust & things like this. Well those assets are not coming. They are not coming. They will not be released while the cabal is still in control. It’s not going to happen. So, they are literally up the creek without a paddle right now.


It’s very, very funny…I got a phone call from a friend of mine two days ago, Saturday, who’s cousin is in the press corps in the White House. And this cousin is very much an ultra-conservative…you know, only mainstream media…doesn’t believe in anything else unless it’s in the media…you know, mainstream CNN…he doesn’t believe it. And he was saying to him, wow I don’t know what’s going on in Washington right now, but it’s just wild like.


There’s people that are just freaking out all over the place & no-one will talk. Half the people look like they’re terrified. They’re afraid to say a single word. There’s no news coming out of the White House, other than a few set little pieces…you know, like fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, gun control, blah, blah, blah. Other than that, there’s just nothing going on. And he was scratching his head, going I just don’t understand it, never seen anythng like this before.


Lisa: So, the people who were involved, with good intent, with the whole NESARA business, they’re as confused as anybody. They don’t understand why it’s not happening.


D: Oh, guaranteed, yup. That’s why, you know, you keep hearing these people are talking about, it’s gonna happen…it’s gonna happen…it’s happening. Literally, in the time Lisa you called to ask me to be on the show tonight & the time we went live, I’ve had three messages from people saying, it’s happening tonight…it’s happening tonight.


Lisa: They’re still believing that NESARA’s going to hit.


D: Yup. And this is the whole thing. And what I’m giving you right now, & I want to say this to all the readers, is this is my absolute truth from within me of finally coming to understand all the pieces of the puzzle over the last six months that did not add up. All the niggling doubts I’ve had in the back of my head…that I just could not put to rest, because they just did not make sense…in the terms of description of what NESARA should be & what should be happening with all the funds etc rolling out.


I’m just trying to give the people my rundown of everything that I have seen from the background. Everything that I’ve now gotten from looking at what’s been going on, especially over the last week. And finally having to start listening to the little voice in the back of my own head that says, I know you’re desperate & I know you want this money to go out & you have so many big plans of what you’re gonna to do with this money…but, there’s something not right here.


Lisa: Part of the call for it’s coming out tonight, it’s coming out tonight…I mean there was talk of Boehner making a national address a few hours ago that never seemed to happen. Or did it happen?


D: Yeah, it did. It was an hour and 10 minutes late.


Lisa: And what did he say?


D: He talked about the budget, basically. He had a bunch of other members of government sitting there with him saying, you know the budget has to be done & the new byline is, bascially no budget, no pay. And I guess he’s calling for no-one gets paid unless they come up with a budget.


Lisa: And that’s worthy of a national press conference?


D: Yes…that’s what I said. I said I found it very interesting that it was Boehner giving that speech.


Lisa: Well yes, that in itself was interesting & that it was worthy of a national press conference…interesting.


D: And it lasted, I don’t know, 15 minutes?…10 minutes?…maybe, it was very short. That’s all I remember. I listened to it while we were eating dinner.


Lisa: Okay. Well, we do have one, two, three callers…so we might bring them out now & see if they have any questions for you. Area code 760, your mike is live if you have a question or a comment. Area code 760? Okay, I will meet you again & bring out area code 501. Area code 501? Just listening again…okay. And I’ve got one more, it’s 111…you may not recognize that, but if you’re online, you’re in the queue, say hello & we’ll see if you’re on the call. Okay, everyone’s gone shy.


D: I think they’re all just shell-shocked…they’re all just going wooo…what?


Lisa: Well, everyone wants to know how this is or what this is physically going to look like in the real world. You know, if it’s not NESARA, if The One People’s Trust has got legs…how does that start to roll out & have any impact on the lives of every individual on the planet. I mean, what does it look like? That’s what everyone wants to hear.


D: Absolutely, absolutely. Last week, we had a conference call…the trustees from The People’s Trust, Heather, myself, American Kabuki, Kauilapele & Brian…& basically Heather explained to us…& again, I’m really not entirely up on the lingo of exactly how these CVAC’s work, but they are putting them all together right now. And at that point, it makes funding…gives them the ability to start funding. How & well that’s going to roll out, I am not sure. We were actually supposed to do a call tonight to talk about that & I think Heather fell asleep.


Lisa: Well we know that the CVAC…there’s 195 CVAC’s. One of them has been essentially activated with Heather acting as a placeholder for the presidency. (inaudible for couple seconds)…until yesterday, at which point Obama may or not have inadvertently stepped into that role. Do you have any idea how people on the ground in other countries can get those other CVAC’s, those brought to (inaudible)?


D: (inaudible for many seconds)…watch all that information…(inaudible for few seconds)


Lisa: This has been big news in Italy. There’s a website that’s gone out & I can’t make… (inaudible, breaking up, complete silence for several minutes)…


Barbara: Okay everybody, this is Barbara. Blogtalk is having some challenges. I have just re-logged on. Hopefully, you all can hear me & I am going to begin to bring everyone else back on. Just hang in with me as I’m just going to start marking them off here. So we can bring everybody back on & we can continue this interesting dialogue. Let me start with these three & let me continue to bring the rest of them in. Okay you guys, we are back on & I’ll start bringing in the additional guests, but please continue.


Lisa: Okay guys, can you hear us back on the show? Can you hear us? Anybody in the chat room?


Barbara: I just wanted to make the announcement that blogtalkradio has announced that they’re facing challenges & they ask everyone to be patient with them.


Lisa: Yes, they’re probably getting attacked & hacked as we speak.


Chris: I note that as soon as we started to talk about the CVAC’s…


D: Yeesss…Chris? This has been happening for two weeks solid. Heather & I have a conversation  about our children…we can talk about laundry…we can talk about the cats…clear as a bell as if I’m talking to you right now. The moment we start talking about anything that clicks in a buzz word, whatever…either she falls off the line or we get the exact same distortion you guys just heard. I was on call today with American Kabuki…the exact same thing happened there. Yesterday, I was on a call with one of my military contacts…the exact same thing happened then. It’s been two weeks solid of this.


Bob: Well, I was gonna mention D that there was a petition that was up for a short while on the White House government site, where you can sign a petition & if you get so many, they have to respond. And there was a petition up there for them to respond to the UCC filings of The One People’s Trust. This morning I checked it & there was 22 signatures. This afternoon I checked it & it was removed because it didn’t meet their terms of service or whatever they said.


D: Yup. And we know…I’ve gotten several reports that both Obama & Boehner have both said that the media are not to talk about the UCC filings or about The People’s Trust or…basically, very strongly worded, you will not report on this.


Lisa: So, essentially we need to get them to a point where their silence on this matter is so conspicuous, that it’s telling in itself?


D: Basically yes. And I think that’s what someone was trying to do. That was just someone taking it upon themselves to do that petition on the White House. That wasn’t anything that was organized by us. I woke up & found out about it this morning. It was a fluke(?), right? Someone is BE’ing & DO’ing. And they’re doing it themselves.


Bob or Thomas(??): If I may enter a thought into this, why not use their own shady colors of law against them? Because, why the definitions? And Black’s Law dictionary is, silence is path of consent. So if they’re not raising any objections to this verbally, so everybody can see, they are essentially giving their tacit consent.


Lisa: Well, that’s how the filings got through in the first place. They haven’t rebutted them.


D: They can’t & they won’t.


Barbara(?): Fascinating.


Lisa: You know, D, we’ve actually got some more callers on the line here, so I’m gonna try again to bring some of these people out. Area code 613…


Caller: Yeah, hi, it’s Daryl here.


Lisa: Hi, Daryl…how are you?

Daryl (caller): Pretty good…yourself?


Lisa: I’m great…thanks for calling in.


Daryl (caller): Well, I just wanted to touch base with D. I’ve been answering some of the emails that she’s forwarded…people having questions about the UCC filings.


D: Thank you, Daryl.


Daryl (caller): Yeah, you’ve gotta call me when you’re done with the show here. Because things are moving forward. We’ve got a lot of interest in the States. People are actually going down & submitting these. So, what we need to do is we need to get this into superior court. And we also need to get this in federal court. Now, it would probably be best if you’d give me a call after the show.


There’s a lot of momentum happening. I see you’ve published the stuff from Keshe. But what we’ve gotta get out there, people have to take the documents & fill them out & submit them. Both the filings from the UCC & from the Keshe Peace Initiative. Get them into a member of Parliament, congressmen, whatever & bring it to the forefront. Now, we’re trying to get some time with like Fox News or some major news media. We’re working on it…don’t know how we’re gonna make out…but it will eventually get out there.


D: Oh, absolutely. Daryl, do me a favor & email me your phone number. I most likely will not be able to call tonight, but I will definitely call you in the morning. The other thing, I just want to touch on something just briefly, because you brought it up on the Keshe stuff. I’ve had a lot of information brought forward to me in the last 24-36 hours about this.


Daryl (caller): There’s a lot of disinformation too.


D: Well, there’s one of the things I want to talk about. We have been talking…of course Heather has been talking a lot about the power of words & the importance of words. There is some wording in that peace document that is not very good, in my mind. It could totally be just a miswording. It could just be that someone hasn’t paid that much attention. But some of the wording in that document makes me very uncomfortable. I don’t have it in front of me right now, so I can’t even look at it. That is something that I was going to talk to Heather a little bit more about, because of course when we discuss communication, words, etc, she’s pretty much the best on it as far as I’m concerned.


Daryl (caller): I agree with you, yes. I’ll have a look at it here tonight & see. You’ve got to remember, we’re dealing with people who aren’t familiar with the higher energies.


D: Yes…but you know what, it doesn’t matter…words are still words. There are some words…some turns of phrases…I’m just saying.

We can pull it up & we can read it…maybe later on when we talk on the phone. I do want to address it on RTS as well. But there’s a couple of turns of phrase on there that is really…hmm, just not liking it.


Daryl (caller): Okay, I’ll have a closer look at it. I didn’t pick up on it, but I’m dealing with other issues too. You know, you quickly glance at a document & go on to the next issue.


D: And I did the exact same thing, Daryl, that’s why I posted it. It wasn’t until I had a bunch of readers & then Heather herself & then a few other people that I have a lot of respect for say, hmmm, did you read some of what was in here?…it’s aaaaa…


Daryl (caller): Could it be a language thing?


D: It could be & that’s something we need to discuss, right?


Daryl (caller): Yeah, we’re dealing with three different translations actually into English. The other positive note is the UCC filings. We have people going out there…they’re actually doing them. And what they’re going to do, is they’re going to give us feedback, so we can make adjustments so we can make it easier for everyone else.


Lisa: Daryl, can I just ask a question? When you say that some people are doing them, can you be more specific?


Daryl (caller): Yes, today I’ve been in contact with three individuals who actually are submitting their UCC financial statement to get the docket number, or whatever number is associated with that, so they can continue on with the other filings. So, whatever difficulties they encounter at whether it be the courthouse or land registry office or whatever agency, like here we have Service Ontario…they’re gonna give us feedback & say, well no, you need this cover page in order to submit it or you need to do it online or what have you. But each county, each province, each state is different. As long as we tie it back to the original UCC filings in Washington with those numbers, we should be fine.


Lisa: Thank you, Daryl, for your input.


Daryl (caller): No problem, thank you guys, talk to you later.


Lisa: Well, D, there is something else I wanted to ask you about…this announcement, the timing of it is a little suspicious. What do you make of it?


D: That’s why I posted it & to be quite frank, I really didn’t give it a thorough run-through, because I’m sure some of these things would have jumped out at me. But yes, the timing was very, very interesting. Very, very interesting, which is like I said, why it jumped out at me & why I posted it yesterday.

But like I said, I’m trying to see if I can pull it up right now & pull out the pieces that I, that we, were stumbling over…so to speak. Nicole, if you’re listening, can you pull up that section & drop it in my skype room?


Chris: Just a question for you, D, the actual (inaudible for several seconds)…is that simply (breaking up)…is that (inaudible again)…the political (inaudible)…is as (inaudible)…democracies & apparent sovereign nations that exist on this planet? Did it take into account the fact that the (inaudible for several seconds). And if you don’t frame that agreement in the right context, it’s actually meaningless. You know, whatever noble objectives or not that Mr. Keshe might have. I’m not (inaudible for several seconds). At a surface level, his intent appears good. But given the landscape, it’s about to take a 90 degree(??…inaudible)…until we know exactly what we’re going to be dealing with in 60 days…talking about signing a peace agreement in 60 days…is not on the table.


D: Yeah & that’s it. That’s a very, very good question. Because that changes everything, doesn’t it? Completely changes everything.


Chris: Yep. It has to be an agreement between the one people (inaudible)…that’s it…the one people. In fact if we are one people, then what are we running around signing agreements with each other for? Because we’re all the same thing…theoretically.


D: Exactly.


Lisa: Well, with that particular offering(?), what we can do on our own country.


Chris: This is something that I still have to admit…(inaudible, breaking up & silence for several seconds)


Lisa: I know that people are asking what they can do in their various countries. Do they put these filings together & go to their particular government & say, what does this mean for us? you know, answer to these UCC filings. I mean, not the just the White House, but do it all over.


Bob: Yes, yes & yes. I think that the more people take the initiative…you know, we are the enforcers…we are the disclosers. This is the thing that I keep coming back to…it’s the people. If we are going to say that we are empowered & we don’t act the part, then what are you saying? If we are going to say that no authority stands between us & our Creator…right? If we are not going to stand up & claim that & be it…act as though. You know, if someone is affronting your sovereign rights…if someone is affronting your beingness…someone is keeping you from doing & living your free will choice to live. And you say nothing about it…I don’t know what to say about that. I don’t know what to say.


Lisa: Yeah, good point. Listen, there was another good video & Chris, maybe you can find it & pull it up & put it into the chat room for everyone?

We’re looking for confirmation of what’s going on & from so many different quarters & realms & dimensions…that an interesting piece popped up about the energy being that is Gaia & the term Gaia’s law has been enacted…has been activated for 2013. And when I heard Gaia’s law, all I thought of was One People’s Trust. The two came together for me beautifully. Because when you read these documents, that’s essentially what it is. It’s taking it back to Gaia’s law, to universal law…Heather says back to prime. So, if you could find that Chris, that would be great to share with everybody.


We talk on this show about…for those of you who have listened to our conversations with Chris Thomas, he’s all about bringing the whole soul into the body. Michael & Peter, the energy masters, they talk about bringing in your soul mass. And this video talked about Gaia essentially bringing in all of her soul mass. She has just gone through & completed all of her process…all of her soul mass back into the body…back into the planet.


This has just happened only over the last few weeks…the last three to four weeks. The timing of all this, again, it’s just beautiful. The One People’s Public Trust, to me, is this process on paper. It’s what it looks like legally on paper on the ground. Energetically, that’s what’s going on. We’re playing a really, really active, if not conscious the whole time, role in this. So to me, it’s all happening. That’s it…I’m buzzing all over…I love it.


Barbara: I was just going to say the same thing. I think that Thomas too has a few things he wanted to share.


Thomas: I just want to say it this way. I’m a simple man, so what you’ll hear is simple words from me. In this regard, what’s going on right now, the thing that I typically say about this kind of thing is that I don’t play in that sandbox. Now, with that being said, obviously I’m in that sandbox with everybody that’s here, but I don’t play in the sandbox. So, the sandbox…the rules, the game…everything as set out is their game & that’s why I don’t play it.


I give my energy towards this planet…towards everyone on this planet benefitting from everything they do. I don’t worry about money, because if I worry about that…if I put my energy towards it, it tends to elude me. As it does with so many other people, I’m sure they’ve experienced that too. And I will digress on this further.


It’s like beating a drum. Everything in front of us is a choice. When you have a choice to make, usually we look at what we want or the absence of what we want. This is not here & it’s frustrating us because we want this & it’s not here. So we focus our energy on the absence of what we want. Or we can focus our energy on what we want.


A good example of what I’m talking about is the country of Iceland. Because they focused on what they wanted…the government of Iceland was not providing that…so they fired them.

They kicked them out of office. They did this piecemeal. They didn’t raise up arms & start killing them or hanging them or anything like that.

And when the new government that they elected came in, they weren’t giving the people what they want. So they stayed focused again on what they wanted, fired all those people & elected a brand new government. And asked them plainly & it hasn’t happened again…obviously all these are giving the people what they want. So the people of Iceland stayed focused on what they want, instead of the absence of what they want.


The conversation I hear right now…just as an observer…is we’re looking at the absence of what we want instead of what we want. So, if we want this, we have to start firing some of these individuals, because they’re not doing the job that we either elected them or somebody else elected them to do. We have to start firing them. There’s several ways that we can remove them from office. The sheriffs is one venue. They are the official peacekeepers or are supposed to be anyway.


Here in America, or the United States, the original 13th Amendment…it’s still in effect. Anybody with a Bar license…that’s lawyer, judge, doesn’t matter…if they have a Bar license, they’re a foreign agent & by the original 13th Amendment, they have to either give up their job in law or anything to do in government or leave the country. That’s what the 13th Amendment says. So, bringing that to the sheriff’s attention & having them enforce the Amendment as it was written, back prior to the War of 1812, will begin to resolve some of this energy again.


Get these people out of office, because they are not giving us what they want. What I’m submitting here in the show right now & then I’ll shut up, so I really appreciate & thank everyone listening right now on the line, for giving me this moment to speak…I submit to all of us that we focus on what we want instead of what they’re giving us, which is the absence of what we want. Let’s focus on what we want & the energies that come in & by focusing on that, we’ll simply wash these people away.


It will manifest in many different ways. I’m not worried about how it manifests. I’m just going to focus on what I want & if they can’t perform what they were elected to do, then something will wash them away. Because the energy of all of us focusing on what we want will simply push them out of the way. Just like a wave does to somebody at the ocean that does not see them coming & it knocks them down & everything that goes with that. Thank you again for allowing me to speak on this & I’m going to shut up now.


Lisa: Well, thank you for speaking on this. Anybody who’s studied any aspect of the Law of Attraction knows that you focus on the end goal & you don’t worry about the details. The details work themselves out beautifully. That’s what we focused on on this show…all of last year was just creating that vision & of creating a sense of empowerment within each of us to be able to manifest that vision. It’s working beautifully, I say.


Now, we’ve got so many callers on the line.


Chris: If I could just comment, Lisa, just for one moment. We spoke yesterday to a couple of people. We know that many people out there want to begin filing & want to begin doing…the Do’ing of this. The transition that we’re moving into is going to be triggered by not just our focus, but by our actions as well. The first step in the Do’ing is to actually start to use the UCC filings to tell the system that, a. it no longer exists & b. if it no longer exists, what are you doing here? I think that’s also an important part of the process, because there’s nothing to galvanize focus like actually acting.


This is something that’s going to evolve over the next weeks & months & it may change direction when we get to a point where public disclosure takes place. It may become quite a different form of noticing the system. Probably quite easy…probably not even filing. I can’t tell you what will happen, but our focus has to change & we have to get the attention of the system by putting some of their energy into it & saying…you know, here the 14th Amendment may actually still be there on paper, but on the level that The People’s Trust is working at, it is actually isn’t there. And we need to tell them that. It’s just not there.


Actually, there are no sheriffs. There are no police. There’s no anything officially. It’s physically still manifesting & we do have to work on that physical manifestation, as well as the (inaudible). And I’ll shut up now too.


Lisa: The time lag between, you know, creation on the higher dimensions & the physical manifestation of it in the 3D world just gets shorter & shorter & shorter & shorter. I think it was you, Thomas, who told me that eventually it gets to 17 seconds. Was that you?


Thomas: Yes. As they explained it to me over the last couple of weeks, is that everything is a continuous moment of now. So we go from now to now to now…each now is approximately 17 seconds long & each moment of now we have, we have to simply decide if that’s something we want to manifest or not in the now to now to now to now.


So I had questions about that obviously & I said, well, okay, I understand what you’re saying. How do you describe past & future? Because I understand present is now. And it was said to me, We describe what you call the past as a now that has happened. I said, okay & the future? The future is now that has not happened & we have to decide if we want that now to happen or not. That’s the way it was explained to me. If that makes sense.


Lisa: Okay, nice…that was good. Yeah, it does (make sense). Okay, I’m going to bring another caller…we’ve got area code 519. Hello, what’s your name?


Caller: It’s Shawn here. I’ve got a question & I’m looking for a little more clarification. I’ve actually already been conversing & spoken to Daryl for the last week or so, in regards to the Do’ing. It’s my assertion that…the analogy I use is a vine. You know, a big ivy vine on the side of a building.

If you let that analogy represent the cabal, the bad guys, whatever you want to call them…as they kind of consume the whole building & intertwine & interweave into every nook & cranny of the mortar & between the bricks. And what the UCC’s & Heather has done, is basically cut off that vine down to the ground level.


Lisa: They’ve pulled it up by the roots, haven’t they?


Shawn (caller): Yeah. but what we see is, the vine is still there…it’s still green…we’re waiting for it to kind of wither & die. By us going along individually & filing our own UCC documents is equivalent to me of like picking one of those leaves off. So to me it’s redundant, you know, why would we bother doing that if the vine is already dying.


In fact, if people are already out there, running around filing these UCC’s & Daryl’s already eluded to, it’s different in every case, every county, every province. What people are running into is difficulties…issues that could all be avoided if we just sit back & wait until this thing happens properly. So, we’re trying to get some guidance on that from Heather or D or somebody, so which is the right approach? Is there a right approach?


Because it seems to be redundant…it also seems to be if you understand or agree with, you know, that our thoughts become things & our energy of the universe. To me, by us running out & doing it is in some ways casting doubt on the efficacy on the whole, you know, pulling it up by the roots as you’ve already said. We’re running out & not waiting for it to die. We don’t think it’s going to die, so we have to pluck our own leaf out.


To me, it’s kind of like digging up a seed two weeks after we’ve planted it, to see if it’s growing. And we’re doing more harm than good. So we’re kind of waiting for more guidance on that & apparently he’s posed that to Heather a week or so ago & we haven’t heard anything back. I was wondering if somebody could comment on that.


D: There is going to be a lot of information coming out very, very soon. Heather is working on I believe another release. But yes, a lot of information is going to be coming out & it’s going to become very, very clear…very, very soon. That’s all I can talk…


Lisa: I think we made this point yesterday as well, D, you know. As more gets released, the Do’ing aspect of it becomes less & less & simpler, as the information becomes clearer. For those who really want to do…I tend to agree with Shawn that putting in your own filings is probably unnecessary, because to me it’s done. Done, it’s already done.


If you want to do anything, just bring those filings to the attention of whoever you want to bring them to. Just say, excuse me, the roots have been pulled out…what are you gonna do about it? Rather than going through this process of your own filings. I’m more inclined to just put the whole lot together & just send them to somebody with, what you got to say about it?


Thomas: If I could speak on this again…I’m sorry to interrupt…I don’t mean to. What I mean by I don’t play in their sandbox, I’ll add to that statement. You know in 1631 there was a treaty signed by the Cherokee Indian nations & the Queen of England who was the daughter of King James. And they leased the first six inches of topsoil for $4.00 a day per person. Any amount of money they did not pay after 20 years, you have to add 5% to that.


So, going back to 1631 & the way they worded the treaty, the number on that treaty alone…& treaties do not have expiration dates…the number on that treaty alone is in the trillions. And every treaty that they’ve ever signed with any nation of Indians over here in the United States they have abrogated. Also in Canada as well.


So, their entire system is fraudulent from the word go. And I would not trust them to put a stick with a carrot on it in front of a donkey, without hurting the donkey or doing something stupid. I don’t trust anything that they do. They’ve never shown me anything or given me anything that would allow me to trust them. They haven’t shown me anything. All they’ve shown me is just how clever liars they are…about everything.


I’m sorry to put it this way. I think Louis Black is a comedian…I think his method works best. That the next time they choose a winner on American Idol, they put a blindfold on that person, give them a dart & a big map of the United States…put it in front of them & then they throw the dart. And wherever the dart lands, that’s where we send the monkey that’s an airplane. We’ll put a parachute on the monkey & push the little fucker out. I’m sorry if that language…okay. Then when he hits the ground, he’s walking around & whoever’s hand he touches first, that’ll be the next president of the United States.


D: I don’t know, it sounds just about logical to me.


Bob: You know, one of the things I want to point out is, in the documents themselves…it says, arrest, take possession & you know, put these people in jail. It’s one of the orders. Arrest them.


Thomas: I don’t think we need to arrest them…we need to put them on ditch-digging duty.


D: Peeling potatoes & digging latrines.


Lisa: Okay, guys, I’m going to bring somebody else out. Area code 501…area code 501, if you’re there your mike is live. Nope, okay. Area code 209…area code 209? Nope, okay. Area code 732, okay your mike is live. 732, your mike is live, I can hear you, don’t be shy. Okay, I’ll meet you again. I’ll try one more…area code 318…area code 318. Maybe they’re all just listening.


Thomas: If I may say so, there’s usually a yellow dot or diamond next to the phone number, if they press 1 & they want to talk. I think everybody else just wants to listen. I learned that the hard way myself.


Lisa: There’s not any yellow diamonds. So, I had so many questions for you, D, now they’re all gone.




Thomas: It was the monkey being parachuted out of the plane…that’s what did it to you didn’t it?


D: You did it, Tom, that just blew all our heads right out of the water. It was, okay, I’ve lost everything now.


Barbara: Yeah, Lisa, look we’ve got two diamonds now.


Thomas: Oh, look it there.


Lisa: What does that mean, they’re just listening, right?


Barbara & Bob: No, that means they want to talk.


Lisa: Oh okay, they want to talk.


Barbara: They put their hand up. Teacher…Teacher.


Lisa: Okay, area code 201.


Caller: That is me. How you doing, guys?


Lisa: Hi, what was your name?


Caller: My name is George.


Lisa: George, how ya doing?


George (caller): I was just wondering if you guys saw that post on Facebook from that Nobel Prize winner? About what’s happening with the military?


D: No…


Lisa: No, I haven’t seen it.


George (caller): Wow, okay, is there any way I can send you the link to this?


Lisa: Ahh…are you in the chat room?


George (caller): No, I’m not…actually I’m just cooking.


Lisa: Oh, okay, You can put it on the Facebook page of The Collective Imagination show…if you can share it on there.


George (caller): The guy’s name is Jim Garrow…he said that, “I’ve just been informed by a senior military leader that Obama is using a new litmus test in determining who will stay & who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode(?) folks. The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on U.S. citizens or not.”


And just one more thing before I hang up, I do want to say that I have been trying to post certain messages on Yahoo…certain messages regarding The One People’s Trust & it never comes up. I don’t know if you guys have this, I’ll try to send it to you now. Have a wonderful night & thank you for all the information.


Barbara, Lisa, D: Thank you.


Lisa: So, what do you make of all that…the scare-mongering tactics in regards to what Obama is & isn’t doing? And when legislation isn’t getting passed?


D: That’s, you know, the fear porn. The fear porn is rampant…right now…rampant. It’s unbelievable. I hate to say it…it’s like I’ve said, as the cabal is getting more & more scared themselves, the fear porn becomes more & more outrageous. You know what I mean, it’s like they’re so desperate, they will say & do anything.


I just keep saying to everyone, don’t fall for this fear porn. If you live your life watching every single aspect of that, then you’re focusing on that. It’s like Thomas said, right?, don’t be focusing on that. You need to be focusing on the manifesting of the positive & what we want to happen. If we’re continuously focusing on who said what about who with regards to what the cabal is trying to do, etc, etc, you’re giving energy to that.


Thomas: Yeah, you’re playing their game.


D: Yup, you’re playing their game.


Lisa: Our regular listeners know how to play the game & see it for what it is. So, I have no fears about them at all.


Thomas: If I could say what I focus on every day, from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep or the time I put the spider(?) to sleep I should say…what I focus on is them being part of the we or going & playing in the sandbox somewhere else. Because we are the we. And they can be part of the we & we’ll even welcome them in…we’ll even find something for them to do. If they think it’s all about me, they gotta go play somewhere else.


That’s what I focus on every day. I don’t care how that manifests. I don’t care what happens. I don’t care about money. I wish that would go away completely. All I can say is, be part of the we or take me somewhere else. Because you don’t have to sacrifice the me to be part of the we. And that’s what it’s coming down to, is that we are a we. I’m gonna shut up now.


Lisa: Well, I think we’re going to go for a song break & give everybody a chance to go to the bathroom, get a drink, do whatever they need to do. Barbara, I know you uploaded a new song, another request. I’ll let you find it & play it, because I don’t know where anything is at the moment.


Thomas: Can I make a suggestion to D? D, you said you were gonna run away & I don’t want to see you trip & fall, so I was gonna tell you to try walking first.


D: You’ve been looking in my house, haven’t you? You’ve seen the Lego wonderful world.


Lisa: I think D does have to run away…so she may not be joining us back after the break. We still have a lot more to talk about, so stick around. Are you gonna join us after the song break, D, or do you have to go?


D: I’ve got a couple of calls that have come in that I absolutely have to take, If I don’t take them, they’re just gonna keep calling me & harassing me. I will check back in with you though if you guys are still on the air. I will absolutely try & come back as soon as I can.


Lisa: Okay, well stick around folks…like I said we still have a lot to talk about & we’ll see you after the song.


Barbara: This is about six minutes & it was recommended by Sheila Faultner(?)…this is for you, Sheila…it’s called Freedom.


(Music break for approximately 6 minutes)


Lisa: Welcome back everybody. Well…freedom…good song. Now, there was a question I was going to pose to Chris. It came up in the chat room. Chris, can you hear me? It’s all very quiet out there.


Chris: I can hear you…yes.


Lisa: Um, the UCC filings…someone put it in the chat room, but there’s so much conversation going on there that I’ve lost it. But it was something about…he does understand the importance of UCC, but doesn’t understand how The One People’s Public Trust now claims to own the UCC. Can you talk to that at all?


Chris: What they did was…as part of the process…& this is my interpretation, folks…so don’t take this as written into stone, because this is me, a non-UCC lawyer looking into UCC & interpreting it in my own fashion. But essentially, when they chopped off…as part of the process of chopping off the corporations, they confiscated all of their assets.


Now, the UCC is actually a company apparently & it had an owner. And that particular company was terminated along with the rest & they simply claimed it as being theirs. They incorporated UCC law in with universal law & common law as foundation for The People’s Trust. And if you poke around the documents long enough, you’ll find those kinds of references in there. So they simply subsumed it as part of the recovery of the assets, which they essentially are doing on our behalf as part of the process when they foreclosed.


They did an equity call. They terminated them. They fired them. They wrapped them up in barbwire & threw them off the cliff & took all their stuff. UCC was part of the stuff & they pulled that in as being part of the underlying legal structure for The People’s Trust & the CVAC. So, that’s my rough interpretation of what they did.


Lisa: Okay…I hope that makes sense to everybody. It’s like having the bank foreclose on your house & also taking all of your possessions…which they do.


Chris: Exactly.


Lisa: They don’t just take the house, they take everything in it…sometimes. So that’s what The People’s Trust, in your interpretation, that’s what they did?


Chris: Seems to be what they did, yep. There’s just one other thing I’d like to say too. I’ve been trying to view the whole situation & why it’s gone down in the fashion it has in the last few years. Here’s I think my interpretation of the perspective of The People’s Trust when they said about this. If you want to take an entire planet that’s a complete mess & shift it from that state to another state that is not a mess, that is actually under one kind of governance where the people have equity, how would you do it?


And you do it by finding & identifying the core of the problem that’s creating the mess…putting an end to it…whilst at the same time trying to maneuver the most powerful things on the planet into position where they don’t have much choice, but at the same time they do have a free will choice by stepping into that new structure.


And that appears to be what The People’s Trust & whoever they’re working with, because it has to be heaps of people out there working on it, have appeared to do, they’ve maneuvered the situation to that point. And a lot of the stuff we’re seeing going on are side effects of side effects of side effects & their fear porn & their disinformation. That appears to be their overall claim(?).

And the two most important characters on the chessboard are Obama, the leader of the most powerful nation on the Earth as they stood & probably the military. Now those two things had to be in a position to support the change, to minimize chaos & violence. Because that’s a side effect of any major paradigm shift…complete chaos & accompanied by widespread violence, in which, you know, makes the chaos just that much more of a sufferance for the people.


They appear to have actually brought us to that point, which is absolutely remarkable. They’re managing to get a…well we hope, we think, we’re intending, it’s what We want, it’s what we need…they’ve managed to bring an entire planet to a different state & so far, minimal chaos. It would appear that the president of the United States may end up being the president of the first CVAC. That will have to be his free will choice, because he will have to sign a contract as well as giving an oath. That appears to be the part of the game we’re watching now.


One of the reasons why filings are important at the moment is that the system needs to be told that we know what’s going on. It’s not in the press, it’s not being talked about, they have to know there’s a large group of people out here who know what’s going on & we’re gonna do something about it. Once it becomes public, that game changes again, because then it’s going to assume a life of it’s own. That’s just my overall view at the moment & hat’s off to everyone who’s been manning & creating this amazing shift in the background.


Lisa: That’s one of the things we wanted to talk about today, was launching some kind of campaign…social media campaign predominantly…that can go viral. The slogan that we came up with was, “I Am Free…OPPT-in”. That’s the sort of thing you can do with a half-tag(?) in front of it on Twitter & it can, you know, go crazy. Put your name to it, because you know, just your first name, as that’s the only thing that’s yours, not your surname. Just keep putting it as your status on Facebook. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that says it. Or if you’re good with computers & photography, you can put a graphic on it that says that. That was my suggestion for a sort-of quick little slogan, but if anybody else has gotten any ideas, please share. Just something grabbing, catching, that might get people to go, What the, what am I OPPTing into?


Because we have this free will choice. The documents say it over & over & over again. It’s available, but you have to make the choice. You have a free will choice to be free. So, let’s get the conversation going. Let’s get people who don’t know anything about this to start asking, What are you talking about? You know Israel loves Iran campaign, where everybody took a photo of themselves holding a sign saying they love Israel, they love Iran. That became a huge thing & it got through to mainstream media.


So, let’s get something started. This is something we can do. The preferred(?) people who don’t understand how to use the filings or what to do with the filings or doesn’t understand UCC. They can do this. So, any input on that idea?


Barbara: Yeah, I love it & I love that photo that you shared with us earlier this week, where you were giviing an example of what you were talking about. With your permissioin, I want to post it  right now in The Collective Imagination Facebook page & share that link in chat, so that people can see what exactly you’re talking about.


Lisa: Absolutely…go for it.


Barbara: I will do that right now…hehehe…


Bob: I think it’s a great idea, Lisa. I think the more exposure, the more disclosure that happens, the more people will become aware…the better off everything becomes, the easier things become.


Lisa: Yeah, absolutely. We can do it. We can compel the media to at least acknowledge what’s going on. Because like we said earlier, by not doing it…when it gets such a ground swell of attention by not acknowledging it, by not addressing it, it becomes so conspicuous in & of itself.


T-shirts, yeah, so it’s a t-shirt. We do have our Cafe Press store, so we still got t-shirts from the  cat guy(?) as well to get happening.  “I Am Free…OPPT-in” on a t-shirt…we can do that as well.


Barbara: Yeah, Lisa, I’ve got it up on The Collective Imagination Facebook page rigth now. My only questionis how do you want them to do it? Do you want them to post it on our webpage? Do you want them to post it just on their own?


Lisa: Everywhere…everywhere. We want this to go viral.


Barbara: Perfect.


Lisa: So, yes, please do share it on our TCI page, on The Collective Imagination Facebook page, but also on your own news feed. Do it every hour, you know, your update every hour could be, “I Am Free…OPPT-in” & just get it to go nuts. Share it on Twitter, share it on Tumblr, share it on whatever social media networks you’re connected to. Get a badge made up, get a t-shirt, take a photo.


Thomas: Something I want to say also as an observer. At this point, we are giving them the lack of what they want. Because they want to control us & we’re giving them the lack of. Which puts us in a perfect position to focus on what we want, so that we can take it back from them. The way it’s supposed to be. We can all be free, be ourselves. We don’t have to do anything special. We don’t have to…all we have to do is sit there…it’s always been yes or no, with everything we were approached in life. And now we can say I’m not playing your game any more. Thanks…call the next contestant.


Lisa: You know what…sorry, but some people are putting in some great suggestions in the chat room. We’ve got “Keep calm & OPPT-in”…”do U CC?”…& an OPPT flash mob…what would that look like?


Thomas: You’ve got so many listeners right now, maybe somebody will submit some ideas. Because I’m working on a dish called The Politician’s Souffle. I have two steps of the recipe down…I kind of lose myself after that. But what you do, is you take two eggs & two politicians. You separate the eggs & you beat the politicians…


Lisa: And barbecue it.


Chris: Can we have a side serving of bankers?


Lisa: A side serving of bankers. What would be for dessert? I don’t know. “I Love OPPT”…oh what was the other one I just saw…it was really good…they keep going by so fast I can’t keep up…”I’m free, You are me, OPPT-in now”…that’s another good one. So yeah, let’s do it. Let’s try to get this thing to go absolutely viral. It’s the one thing we all can do. We’re all connected to these …”I have OPPT. Ask your banker”… all very good. Love it when you guys get creative like this, it’s terrific. “Freedom costs nothing…worth millions”… “Finally free to be me I am & then your name”. I love it.


Now, Thomas, you’re someone who’s connected to nature, you can communicate with just about anything & anyone, have you felt a shift…are you getting new information over the last few weeks? Are the Sasquatch talking to you about anything different? Are they preparing you for anything? What’s going on there? What’s the planet saying?


Thomas: The Sasquatch are busy with the tasks they have at hand, so I don’t communicate with them as often as I used to. Who I’m working with now is the other half of me, is the yin to my yang. Also some beings that are on different ships that are spread around this solar system & I get validation on that. I look to another point for validation.


I called another woman in Oklahoma & I asked her, I said, Can you tell me in your words what the last two weeks have been like for you? And she said, Well, in the last two weeks I downloaded more information into my tiny little skull than I’ve received in the previous 63 years. So that was validation for me. I’m not the only one that is getting this. There are quite a few of us that are getting this.


It’s as simple as a choice. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s all as simple as a choice. You can simply choose not to play in this game any more. I don’t play in that sandbox any more. So, I don’t know what other verbiage or vernacular I can put that to make it any more obvious. World War III started quite some time ago & the war is goiong on inside the heart of everyone. Because they’re trying to keep you in your head & the truth is in your heart.


So, what the Sasquatch people were saying to me five years ago applies so very much to this right now. Get out of your head & into your heart. That’s what they said to me quite a bit. Occasionally, when I’m being a nitwit, they say that to me again. So, that’s what I can say about it.


Lisa: Well, one of the things we talked about yesterday on Santos‘s show…Chris, Bob & myself & Thomas actually towards the end…did go into Santos on this freedomreigns program & we talked about The One People’s Public Trust again. And one of the things I was sort of trying to emphasize was embodying. We have to embody this in every cell of our bodies. Now, with or without the filings…but, this sense of freedom.


Once we all do that, it will manifest. It can’t not, you know. And we’ve been manifesting being slaves for all this time, so we can just as easily manifest being free. But first it’s an internal process. We have to know it in our hearts & every cell in our body. Once we do that, just watch the world change, you know…dramatically.


Chris: Hmm. One of the things that J. J. McBride has said from time to time is that…because his process is a declaration of I AM at it’s core…& what he says is that the decision is actually your choice. The reality is that it’s your choice that counts. Paperwork is just for the system, because the system doesn’t understand thought & feeling. It just wants words on paper.


The filings are similar. They are just a physical manifestation of your decision. The real decision is always inside you. The paperwork is simply the real world expression, because of the systems we all live in & around. Thomas is absolutely right. If we all as one made the decision right now, it’s a done deal. We’re just so divided & downtrodden & used & abused, everyone’s in a tethered state of mind. We’re disconnected.


But we’re finding each other again through shows like this, etc. There’s gonna be a point, we’ll hit that magic 3% or whatever number it is, where the connection will just go viral…in the absolute real sense, not just in the internet sense…but in the absolute real sense, then it is a done deal. That’s what the powers-that-be are afraid of & that’s why they’re trying to keep us divided. Thomas is right, that choice & that potential, that power has always been there. It’s always been a part of us. We just need to do it.


Lisa: Yep. And guys, if you’ve got websites, if you’ve got blogs, if you’ve got any presence online whatsoever. You don’t have to run an article, if you don’t want to, you can just keep re-posting the articles that are already out there. We need…someone’s saying in the chat room to flood Goggle with too many positive references to OPPT, so that it overtakes any negative ones… any fear-mongering ones, any disinformation/misinformation ones out there.


Thomas: I was just going to say before you go, Chris, before you start with this, I just wanted to say, it sounds like we need to re-write the words to a rap song from the early 90’s…(lots of laughter)…


Lisa: I know what you were gonna say because I told Chris this too…


Thomas: The OPP song will be the OPPT song…


Chris: I’d actually never heard of it before & Lisa had to explain it to me.


Lisa: I had to tell him what OPP meant…


Thomas: OPP meant Other Peoples Property & now it’s One People’s Public Trust, so you down with OPPT (laughing). I have to throw humor in, so I apologize for that.

Lisa: It’s all right. Everyone listening knows or remembers that song.That’s what was going on in my head all day yesterday, but I was just changing the words around a little bit. And I had fun with it, I really did (laughing).

Chris: It is a bit of fun. Here’s a job we can all do. A lot of people out there know or will be aware of  Clif High & his webbot work. And he’s actually…if you’ve watched his work for a while…one of the things he always talked about, that he was saying from years back, was a data gap at this point in time. And late last year he started to realize that it wasn’t a data gap, but a change in the nature of the data he was getting. And the way that he was harvesting information & processing it just wasn’t picking up the bulk of stuff that was coming at him, because of the way he was harvesting & processing.

And in fact what he was getting was a massive amount of information about stuff that was going to happen within a few days, maybe a week, rather than stuff that was from longer term. So at the moment he is changing his processing to try & pick up & make sense of the rapid data. So he is doing reports weekly, talking about what is going to happen, say, in the next four or five days. Now, here is the thing: so far, he hasn’t mentioned The One People’s Trust, The One People’s Public Trust, at all, he may not even be aware hat it exists, personally. If we put enough stuff out there, it will come up in his data. So there is an objective for us; if we can get it to appear in Clif’s data, we know it’s really getting out there. So, let’s go for it!

Lisa: Yeah … that’s what I was gonna say …

Chris: We’re not going to tell him this. We’ll just try & get it out there & I want to see if it comes up.

Thomas: Just for you, Chris, I am putting the the link to the OPPT song on YouTube and on Skype chat right now, for your listening entertainment later on…(laughing)…

Chris: Thank you.

Bob: I think we’re on the right track when we’re disclosing. If this thing goes viral, the more people who are talking about it, the more people who are starting to investigate. Because it basically opens up this…a whole can of worms, you know…when you look at those filings and what they mean…it’s going to change a lot of people’s worlds, literally.

Chris: We’re getting to the stage where everybody needs to look out there for the email contact for the news line in their local radio stations & just send them an email saying‚”Why aren’t you guys talking about The One People’s Public Trust? Here’s the link.” And if they get thousands of emails, maybe one of them will actually get off their tight butts & actually go & do it…& start talking about it.

Mainstream media control is really centered around the tv networks, primarly. Radio stations are a little wilder & looser. If we can get it especially on local radio first, you know there’s a good way to push it into the mainstream. Silence…people thinking about that. (several talking at once)

Thomas: I had an itch & I had to scratch it, I’m sorry, go ahead.

Chris: That’s okay, I suddenly thought I was alone.

Lisa: I’m just going to bring in a caller, Chris, 239 area code, if you’re there?

Caller: Hi, thank you for what you are doing.

Lisa: Hi.

Caller: Hi, this is Ginger. I was just curious, is D still on the phone tonight?

Lisa: She had to go off & take a couple of calls, if she can get a chance to get back to us before we finish up she will.

Ginger (caller): Okay …

Lisa: But if you have got a question for her she’ll hear it, I can pose it to her.

Ginger (caller): Okay.. well, that’s fine. I want to tell you I really appreciate you guys being diligent & bringing this information to everybody that’s willing to listen & encouraging people to get involved. I think that’s awesome! It’s gonna be the best way for all of us to come together & get this word out. I was excited & interested in listening to D when she first came on, talking about how we’ve been hearing that things are going to be released, you know, there’s gonna be Disclosure made, the announcements are going to happen & everything’s been pushed back, pushed back, pushed back. And I was just hoping that she was still on here & finish that thought for…for where she thinks we’re at…the timing & if she thinks it’s going to go smoothly or not.

Lisa: Okay, from what I got of what she was saying…what I got from what she was saying, we’re not going to see NESARA in the form that it’s been presented in the past. Because it had been usurped & it was…it was really going to be a stalling tactic to appease the people for a few years & make everybody a little bit more comfortable, you know, make it look like we’re seeing real change, but ultimately not. And that plan has been put a stop to. They can’t actually do that now. They can’t use NESARA in the way it was going to be used. So, that the funds that they were looking at to back NESARA, they no longer have access to. The asssets that were going to back it, they no longer have access to. Chris, did you want to say something as well?

Chris: Yeah…this again, my personal view, in looking at the way they structured the documents about the assistance entities…& I won’t use the acronym for it, because they might jump on us & chop us off again…the way I think it will play out rather than being a NESARA program that’s put into place, it will actually be under the assistance entities, of which the current president may end up leading it currently & Heather’s the only one that’s activated. If they activate more, obviously things are gonna get more interesting.

However, the way that that has to go down by the way that the rules are written for those entities, is that you have to first establish at least one public servant to actually occupy, to be in it…& there could be as many as you want…as soon as a president is appointed, the funding comes online. Okay? That is where the funding I think will actually come from. That’s why this big release of funds won’t happen, until that official activation where a real person is in that public service position. Heather’s in there at the moment as a placeholder & I think that’s really what we’re waiting for.

If Obama signs off on what I believe that the Public Trust is going to offer him, which is a contract to actually lead the first one, then I think that’s when the funding will become available. I think that’s what it’s contingent on, that is where all of the assets are. Legally speaking, all of the assets are wrapped up in that entity now & not back in NESARA, not in the original system. All that stuff disappears with the corporations. Hope that makes sense.

Ginger (caller): It absolutely does. And what about…I know there was information put out that certain people are going to be put in places as far as president, vice-president & certain things were happening…is…are we to understand….

Lisa: That was part of that plan…part of the whole thing…

Chris: Yeah, that was part of NESARA. This is the jump that’s really hard to make & I totally understand people struggling around. Because what we’re doing is we’re trying to look at this new thing that’s been offered and trying to kind of work at how the old system relates to it.

But we have to remember the old isn’t there anymore. There’s no Constitution in place in America, or in Australia, or in Canada, or anywhere in the world. That’s actually gone at the moment. The only reason that things are going on as normal is the people don’t know what’s going on. So, inside one of these new entities, you could probably add in further titular roles.

But essentially, they’re designed to be very lean, mean, simple entities that assist the people in living on this planet. They’re not meant to be centers of authority that control the people. That’s the major part of the paradigm shift. That’s not…in the future they’re not goverments. They governance, they are advisory councils, they are entities that assist process. They’ll be quite different than what we’re used to.

So, as Lisa just said, all that stuff…talk about interim president & vice-president…was part of that NESARA program which appears to have stalled & I suspect because they realized…probably partially because they realized the funding wasn’t going to be there & probably partially because they were prevented from making any public announcements by whatever means.

Ginger (caller): Hmmm…okay…all right…well I appreciate both of your opinions & I hope that we can get our energy to a point that it just takes the whole world by storm, that’s what we need to hold in the Light…thank you very much.

Lisa: Absolutely.

Chris: Yeah, we’ve got to get it across the line, folks!

Lisa: Thanks for calling in Ginger.

Ginger (caller): Thank you. Okay, bye now.

Lisa: And I’ll bring in area code 253, if you’re there?

Caller: I’m here.

Lisa: Hey! And what was your name?

Caller: I’m Lois Tucci…I’m Heather Tucci-Jarraf’s mom.

Lisa: Oh, Lois, how are you?

Lois Tucci (caller): I’m doing good, how are you doing?

Lisa: I’m really good.

Lois Tucci (caller): Yeah, I love the radio show & how it’s going & everything is great, but the people do have to realize that everything is done.

And I’d like to share the experience of what I do every morning. Every morning I get up & I co-create what I would like to see this world to be. And meaning that first of all, I want to be covered with complete love because nothing can harm with love. But also I ask for no more wars, no more greed, you know, trying to paint what I would love to see this world become. And I think that all the people need to do that when they wake up in the morning, co-create what they would like to see this world to be.

Lisa: I think that’s a great suggestion. And Lois, I have to ask you…

Lois Tucci (caller): Yes.

Lisa: You know, that in that chatroom that you & I are in, you saw something in the sky yesterday?

Lois Tucci (caller): It wasn’t in the sky, it was a vision & in this vision that I saw, it was like watching TV-type vision, was this beautiful crystal heart, with all the prisms in it, having all these beautiful colors…because white can … white includes all those colors. And how they were vibrating all over our Universe, not just our world, but the Universe. And it was so beautiful, not only could I see it vision-wise, I could feel it from within.

And I know that I’ve had some confirmation from other people that saw the same thing. So I don’t know if Brian, or AK saw it up in the sky, because I know AK saw it also, who’s on our Skype group. And a couple other people who had visions saw it too. So I know that the universes, the non-locals, the locals…are all wanting the same thing. And it’s done‚ it’s happening, there’s nothing that can stop it & it’s…(talking in the background).

Lisa: Go ahead.

Barbara: You were just fading in & you were fading out…for a minute.

Lois Tucci (caller): Oh, I’m sorry! (laughing) See, I’m not worried about the cabal, I’m not worried about anything like that because I am trying to stay…because some of that stuff is all distraction & I want to stay focused on what we’re really supposed to do as One People. And that’s to co-create what we want our world to be. And … so that’s what I’m focusing on & I hope everybody else is too. Am I still breaking up? Did I lose you?

Barbara: Okay, looks like we’re back.

Lois Tucci (caller): Okay…(laughter)…

Barbara: It’s that nasty word you used, cabal, it triggered something somewhere…(laughter)

Lois Tucci (caller): Well, there’s…they know that their time is short & have known. They’ve been given the oportunity to make a choice & it’s their free will whatever choice they decide to make. And they become liable of their own choice. So, I mean, they’re still welcome within…to do the right thing, but it’s still their choice. Did I lose you again?

Barbara: No, we’re…I’m here…we’re just muted to hear you. We’re completely involved with what you had to say.

Lisa: I can hear you. Thank you so much for joining us, Lois. We really do appreciate it & the people in the chatroom here are thoroughly blown away by you joining us.

Lois Tucci (caller): Oh, haha…not a problem, any time.

Lisa: Well, same time, each week, we’re always here.

Lois Tucci: Okay, have a great night!

Lisa: Thank you very much.

Lois Tucci (caller): Aha, bye-bye!

Lisa: Oh gosh, that was a treat!

Barbara: Absolutely!

Thomas: Definitely.

Chris: Fantastic.

Lisa: Sounded like she was in a crowded cafe or something, but nice to know that she was listening in…lovely. But, hello to AK & Brian if you’re out there listening too…just want to shout out to them. They’re doing a great job, as well, obviously on this subject. And I know that they’re doing a lot of work as well, energetically. In fact, there’s a lot of people doing a lot of work energetically to bring this in. And including everybody here in this room, all our TCI’s, that 3%, you know. It’s just beautiful. And we’ve got some more callers, so I’m going to bring out Michelle. Michelle if you’re there, your mike is live.

Caller: Me, Michelle, can you hear me?

Lisa: Yes…I can.

Michelle (caller): Fantastic! I didn’t really expect to speak, however & I was cut off because I had to run into the kid’s bath. What I have been doing is using this OPPT thing is using it as a vision to think about what the world could be like.

The fact that people could wake up one morning & feel secure & then have their dreams come true. And just know that they can do what they want to do & not feel as though they have to sort of drudge themselves to work. That’s what I’m imagining throughout all of this. So, I just wanted you to hear that…thank you. And I’m just loving stuff that you guys are doing…it’s so inspirational.

Lisa: Lovely! Thank you very much for being a part of it all & doing the work that you’re doing.

Michelle (caller): It’s so exciting. I’m lovng it. Okay, thank you.

Lisa: Thank you! Okay, we’ve got one more who seems to be hanging on the line, the rest of them are just listening, I believe. Area code 770…if you’re there, your mic is now live (silence). Nope…another listener?

Chris: Lisa, could I just add in other really juicy things that people would like to know about what happens if…as soon as the CVAC becomes activated?

Lisa: Juicy, go for it.

Chris: Juicy, well everyone will love to hear that the president is obliged to go into a complete disclosure mode…it’s written into the contract.

Lisa: Yeah …

Chris: They have to disclose everything, okay? And then they have to actually enforce everything…end of story. No data to be left out, it’s absolute data. And the enforcement is the enforced foreclosure on all entities that it were foreclosed upon. Just thought you’d like to know that…it’s in the contract.

Lisa: Well, we’re down to our last 10 minutes. So, if there’s anything else you want to say before we close off the show, Chris, now is your time.

Chris: I think I’ve talked enough & it’s been an excellent show, really enjoyed it & it’s great to be with Thomas & D & Heather’s mom. I’ll let the other guys wrap up & we’ll talk to you next week.

Lisa: I just wanted to say that listening to Lois in this chat room that I’m in with her, the first time I saw her speak, I had to laugh because now I know where Heather gets her 5D language from. She & Lois are very much coming from the same place. So, I feel very, very honored to be connected to such amazing people, whether they’re in the chat room, people who were in these other Skype groups.

Listening to you guys in this chat room is just wonderful when your enthusiasm comes through, your ideas are amazing & we’re all on the same page & it’s just lovely. Bob, any closing words from you?

Bob: Well, I just want to echo what Lois said…that we all should start imagining what life could be, you know, what it would be like without having all of this structure, you know, impeding us from living the way we want to live. You know, what is it that we would do, you know, spending more time with our families or, you know, seeing more of the world, you know, where would you want to live, you know, how would you want to live. Especially include all of this new technology, you know, if you could travel in an instant anywhere you wanted to be. You know, how would you like change? What would cause fulfillment for you?

Focus on these things, because the more that we have people focusing on these things, the more we have, it will become a reality. It’s gonna to spill over into your everyday life because you’re gonna feel better. You’re gonna feel better when…even if you have to go to work, you know, you can go to work with a different sense. You know, if you’ve ever been in your job & you know that you’re quitting next week? That last week of work is the best week that you’ll ever have. You can go to work like that at any time, just choose, understand that, hey if all it’s going to be over very, very shortly. This is your last week of work. You’ll find that you’ll have a much better day & that’s what it’s all about.

Lisa: I think one of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about is self-governance & what that looks like & being completely transparent. And the one of the ways to get your head around is the idea that ”somebody is always watching”.  Every thought, every word, every deed & every intent is transparent, because I think that’s where we’re going. Spiritually, that’s where we’re going.

We will become completely transparent & completely self-governed. So, how do you behave under those circumstances? You know, you’ve got to look at your intent all the time. What’s the intent behind these words that I’m thinking? What’s the intent behind the action I’m about to take? When you get rid of all those limitatons around you that are imposed, you know, goverment, laws, restrictions & repercussions for acting a certain way…it all comes down to you. Then…then how do you behave? How do you behave?

We’ve got…we haven’t….we’ve never been self-governed. We’ve always been so restricted by external forces, so what does that really mean? I think that’s what we have to start getting people think about too. What does it mean to be self-governed? How am I going to behave under those circumstances?

Because we all know people, whether we want to or not, that the idea of those people being self-governed is actually kind of scary. That the only thing that is stopping them from being complete twits is the limitations that are placed on them externally. They would drive 200 kilometers an hour down a suburban street past a school if there wasn’t, you know, a red light camera there. You guys know what I’m saying…I feel like I’m putting myself…

Barbara: I know exactly what you’re saying.

Lisa: So getting people…especially people like that…to start thinking about self-governance & what are the repercussions. If they’re not external repercussions, what are they? You know, if they’re not… yes, go Thomas.

Thomas: Can I segue into what you’re saying? During the break, I was out back talking to the other tenant that lives here. He was talking about how he’s overwhelmed by the number of changes that go on every day. I pointed out to him that we’ve been changing every day ever since we’ve been here. We just don’t think about it or realize it because there are so many things that are put in front of us. Our hair gets longer, our fingernails grow longer, we change clothes, we take a shower, how many different things do we change every day & we just don’t think about it & I realize it.

So the change is upon us & all we have in this reality is choice. So, I hate to use stupid quotes, but I tend to do that sometimes so everybody can see it. Fast and Furious III took your drift…he said it perfectly, he said ” All we have in life are choices & we make them & we don’t look back.” So, with all this change that’s on us right now, let’s start actively making choices & participate in the changes that are on us, instead of letting this change be made for us by somebody else. Let’s start making the choices & making that change ourselves. And I’m going to shut up now.

Lisa: Mmmm… well said. Barbara?

Barbara: Yeah. I have a couple of quick things. The first is I am so with Heather’s mother & Bob, you know, it’s morning somewhere all the time & she said she gets up in the morning & she thinks about what she wants to manifest & how she would like things to be. If we all do that, even if it’s only for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever works for you… collectively, if it’s morning somewhere, you know, on the planet at all times, you will be joining your energy with all of these other people.

So let’s try to do that. Let’s try to find those moments to just try to manifest what you’d like to have for that day & join your energy with all the others around the planet that at that moment are doing the same thing.

The second thing I want to say is I want to thank the over 350 people who were in the chat room. Just for the people who are in chat & are listening to this, we usually have three times the number of people in chat listening live, so we probably have close to a thoussand people who listened to this call live & that doesn’t count the people who listen to the archive. Thank you to all of you & share the show link, share it on your Facebook page, on your website, embed it in your web pages & get other people to listen to it, so they too can become a part of this process. And now I will shut up, (laughing).

Lisa: Well, I just want to thank everyone again. Everybody who called in, everybody who’s in the chat room, everybody listening, all of my favorite people & thank you to Heather & D & Lois. This is just getting better & better guys. I will see you all next week. I’m sure we’ll have even more to talk about then, because it just keeps on coming. Talk to you then & have a great week. Love to everyone! Bye for now.

Barb: Bye.

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